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: Sean Ransom is in the building

08-18-2005, 07:02 AM
Sean is now in Rhody waiting for his fishing gear to arrive with his belongings in his new home. Rumor has it that the family is not there yet, so he has some time if any of you Forum faithful can escort him out to chase SBFT the rest of us would be grateful as this guy has done a lot for us in his past tenure as webmaster.

Contact him via PM or drop me a line and I will give you contact info. Let's show him the red carpet!

08-20-2005, 07:05 PM
Well I am slowly getting settled. The house needs more work than I thought but I guess that is what winter is for. Unfortunately all my gear is still in route and will not be here until wednesday or thursday but Juro was kind enough to ship some lines so I should be ready to head out on Monday. Just gotta find a fly shop to get some flies and leader materials. Will see if I can find some bluefish , been down at barrington beach the last couple nights but not seeing any fish around.

The town is nice though and I could get used to sitting on the deck drinking beers and using my neigbors unsecured wireless access :smokin:

Do have my spey gear with me though and found a local pond and did a little practice casting. Do not think the locals are used to seeing a guy wave around a 15' foot rod :)