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: Thank You FFF- Flexifoil Kite

08-16-2005, 08:54 PM
A special thanks to my good freind Dave Fix and to my other good friends on the Forum. Penguin stopped by today to give me a bueatiful kite for my children... a Flexifoil type kite... this is not a paper kite.... and we will try it out at the next opportunity when the wind is right.. The card was from Jared Tausig, Ardian Sharpe, Mark Dysinger, Brendan O'Brien, Bob Pink, Juro Mukai, Nick Sevencer, Pete Gray, and Dave Fix. Thank you all and it is a comfort to know that I have such good friends as well as others on this forum , especially Jimmy Kelley whom I spent the morning today.... God Bless all of you.... John