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: Warmwater/coldawter line?

08-14-2005, 09:32 PM
I am looking for the best line I can fish for stripers in the northeast, but also use in the surf in Florida for snook, bonito, etc... Thanks in advance for any help

08-15-2005, 03:33 PM
My two favorite lines here in the colder salt waters of the NE are the SciAng Tarpon Taper Intermediate which I use from June through Nov. as well as the Airflo clear cold saltwater intermediate lines. The Airflo line is a thicker line but casts very well in my opinion under all conditions. So does the Tarpon Taper. I have used both these lines fishing the Gulf in Southwest Florida in March when the water temp reaches 80-84 or so and neither line gets too limp to cast in the warmer temps. Of course, the Tarpon Taper is designed not to get limp. I've caught plenty of snook, big jacks, pain in the neck ladyfish, and even casted to big tarpon off jetties with both lines in big windy conditions and both performed well. I'd say, between the two, that the Tarpon Taper would cast just a bit better in Florida, as well as in windy conditions, BUT in the colder waters here on LI in April, May and November, the Airflo is the better all around line. When the air temp gets cold, the Tarpon Taper will begin to coil up on you. One line? I'd choose the Airflo. Good luck with your selection!