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: Do loops (to attach flies) matter?

08-13-2005, 12:42 PM
Having always used the standard clinch knots myself as I swing for steelhead, I'm wondering if those who use perfection loops instead believe that there is a substantive difference? Wondering what the collective experience on the board has to say and if anybody has ever tried to make a comparison.


08-13-2005, 05:17 PM

The way you attach your fly depends a lot on the position of the hook eye. If you are using a straight eyed hook, a perfection loop knot might work. Personally I use a double turle knot tied on up-eyed (TULE) hooks for nearly 100% of my swing fishing. The turle knot connection makes the fly an extension of the leader and helps to control the swing. A clinch knot on an up-eyed or down-eyed hook can cause (and usually does cause) an off-set in the connection between leader and fly and interferes with the fly's swim.

I had to go back initially and reread your post to see if you were asking about the gut loops that form the attachments on "blind" hooks. Some steelheaders are using these, as they believe the flexing gut loops add a bit more life to the fly. I suppose you could attach a leader to such a loop with a perfection loop knot; I don't know what is preferred by the gut-loop boys and girls.

In any case, I would be beyond my skills to attach a fly to a leader using a perfection loop knot .. At least the way I tie PLK's.

Hope this helps,