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07-26-2005, 03:01 PM
7/25, an YES! thats what the wind was. headed to PLUM ISLAND W/intent to fish the snad bars at low tide, so much for fly fishin. called my grand daughter an asked if she would like to go an I would show her low tide an where the bars are an what to look for up there. we hit the beach 7:30 guys were just pulling in to park to go out w/ captian charters. I grabed my 6ft surf rod an put a surface pulg on. an we headed out
took a right an down the beach we went, tide was low. was a good 30' drop to the botton of the sand, luckie if there was 3 guys on the walk out, to the bar. took the corner to the bar an, BIRDS were every where! diving an picking up sandeels on the drop off. having my grandaughter there was great
I showed here the differance in the COLOR of the SAND so she would remember which was HARD an which was SOFT. an which to walk on safely. the ACTION of the waves,on the sand an how it was washing, as it was heading out. condition were great for fish! WE followed the birds UP an DOWN the beach. there were 3 guys fishing by the sea wall. an 2 outhers out on the wall. everything was perfect for action
BUT NO FISH. kind of hard to believe. all that BAIT an NO fish. the tide
turned an I fished the incomming, still birds an sandeels everyplace, still NO FISH. we turned an headed back an the wind was HOWELLING over the top of the beach. you could see sand blowing around like clouds on the sand. it was so windy the sand stung you as you walked. heading back to the truck captian was loading guys on to go fishin, they headed UP-RIVER just UP from the PICK PIONT.to FISH. maby another day!