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: Feb. Dry Fly Fishing

02-26-2001, 08:42 AM
I did not think it would be possible but we caught fish on dry flies yesterday. The sun was on the water all day with the temp in the high forties. The fish were very skittish because of low water conditions but once the sun set below the canyon wall they started to feed. I found a gravel bar in about 6 inches of water where fish were battling each other for a space. At first i thought that they were spawning but they were nymphing like crazy. I hooked 5 fish out of that one spot, 2 brusers over 20 inches that took me for a ride one down stream and the other up. Meanwhile my friend was up at the emerald pool catching fish on drys. The fish were small browns about 12 inches but they were rising all over the pool. His best luck was with a stillborn midge. Things are starting to pick up I am ready for the baetis in March.

02-26-2001, 08:47 AM
Brad -

I'm sure I am not the only one who is envious! Do you recommend a good hatch chart source for your area?

keep in touch,

Nathan Smith
02-26-2001, 01:36 PM
Where is he?

02-27-2001, 08:15 AM
I do not follow any one hatch chart. Roger Hill wrote a good book on fishing the south platte that is a must read for anyone planning a trip out here. It covers major hatches and matching flies on the south platte as well as techniques for high stick nymphing and stalking these wary fish. The waters vary so much i like to check with local flyshops for the latest conditions.