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: Trout this weekend

Nathan Smith
02-22-2001, 08:35 AM
Anyone planning to take a swing this weekend? I wanted to but was wondering if anyone has had any success this winter.

02-22-2001, 05:06 PM
Now if I were in the southern hemisphere... in New Zealand with Tony Gades, Chile with Tornillo; pacific northwest with our batallion of steelhead hardcores from Oregon to British Columbia - ya sure you betcha'. The Bahamas with Striblue or Christmas Island with Adrian or the Keys with Ben Jr. - absolutely! Even the snowy Colorado rockies with Brad.

Living in the same region as you do, I say 'you are a brave soul'. The mercury really took a dip over the last 48 hrs and there is more snow directly in our forecast.

Where were you thinking of trying? Deerfield perhaps? Cape's trout ponds?

Nathan Smith
02-23-2001, 09:19 AM
Never mind. I was only thinking of going if it was nice. The 2-3 inches of snow have done away with that.

02-23-2001, 09:35 AM
Gotta admire the spirit though... better than watching the boob tube as they say. Won't be long now.