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07-11-2005, 01:33 PM

I would like to take my spin-fishing father and brother out in the salt. I normally wade, but this is a celebratory trip for dad's recent all-clear on his cancer treatment, and well need to go out in a boat. Dad enjoys Maryland/Delaware. Any off shore guides/captains that anyone would be comfortable recommending? Ill put down the fly rod (gasp!) in favor of good trip for the old man.



07-11-2005, 05:00 PM
Shaun, call Bruce or Ruth Zeller at "Fishing The Cape" the Orvis store where I am head instructor for the School... they have a list of Boat Captains, Tony Biskey, etc.... also Check out a guy named Jeff Smith in Orleans.....

07-11-2005, 05:27 PM
I believe Sparks was inquiring about Maryland/Delaware but I am not certain.

07-12-2005, 09:13 AM
Juro is correct. Schedules do not permit driving from southern PA to New England, though I would really enjoy that.

It would be nice to make up for my week-long trip to Maine in early June that was completely washed out by rain. The closest I got to a fish was seeing some alewives run the fish ladder on the Andro at Brunswick. Oh well...

As an aside, I would like to commend all the regular participants to the Forum. Just reading the posts has saved me a lot of grief and lead to some very enjoyable fishing, including my first saltwater fly fishing outing in Bermuda last fall (my wife gets a vote on destinations, and we haven't been married long enough for her to want to get rid of me for a week). Using advice from the forum I was able to find lots of good fishing on my own.

One bit of advice that I would add is that anyone going to Bermuda to wade should have a sinking line (I did not, and there is no shop to obtain lots of fly fishing supplies either). Many of the flats were deep (3-5') even at low tide. My not having a sinking line was rookie mistake. I believe I would have done better if I were able to get my streamers and clousers down under the wave action.

Also, I did a lot of fishing in chest-deep water, which might not have been that smart in hindsight.

Nevertheless, the first ten minutes into the fishing I was into a school of gaff topsail pompano in the reefs off south shore park. What a blast!

Also, I saw the giant bonefish while walking on cliffs above the water on various parts of the Island, but did not catch any. I lost count of all the blue grunts I cought, which I began to refer to as the sunny of the sea.

What fun and what a setting for my first saltwater outing. If anyone is interested in more details I'd be glad to oblige.

Thanks guys.

07-12-2005, 09:35 AM
Glad the Bermuda reports helped. I was soooooo close to getting the giant bonefish to eat my fly. I would swear that the only thing they didn't like was the smell after they had come so close and followed it so far. Although it's not a bonefishing destination by any means when my wife says she's like to go back I am all for it. It's a great little island.