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: Dreaming of big girl bar

07-11-2005, 12:48 PM
God knows I love sight fishing, it's at the top of my list whether bonefishing or stripers. But one of the 'blind' venues I really love is the fast tidal rip in ideal conditions.

Like the Gary Larson cartoon with the polar bears at the igloo with the top eaten off reveling about the eskimos they just ate... no rocks (fur), no snags (antlers), just pure swing.

For me this joy has escalated since the arrival of purpose-suited lines to match two-handed rods because these fierce current's desire to put the line against the downstream bank is much less of a hindrance with the hang-time for a fly on a fast-sinking line amazing. When you combine the l-o-n-g casts, line control, and the command of 600 grains in the currents with a big-ass sand eel, squid or pogie pattern gliding on the humps, it's a pretty commanding approach to the challenge.

A double-spey or snake roll set, then a beach cast with a favorable wind distances in excess of 130-140ft are effortless for those who invest in a little practice, like Sean and Kush :eek:

The ultimate was watching Simon G and Greg Pearson cover the rip with deadly skill recently, clearly the two-hander added remarkable reach and range in such skilled hands. Greg landed a beautiful bluefish that morning as I recall, what a battle in the current.

There is something about working a fast tide rip with a two-handed rod at Big Girl - the lighthouse in the backdrop, the open sea and nothing between you and Portugal on the horizon. It's kind of traditional in the salmon fishing sense, but a little more like Monday night football with the intent to fool a thick shouldered linesider with the facsimile of a hapless victim rather than earn a silver beauty with a pretty fly as is the salmon game.

In any case I can't wait for my next 40+ in a hard running rip now that the sand eels are in the beach sand again!

Doc Duprey
07-11-2005, 03:35 PM

OK, now I'm drooling...stuck at work with very little time to fish. So, to maximize my opportunities to at least be near some fish (if not actually catch them), a few questions...

1) How big is big for the sand eels, pogies or squid ?

2) Color or pattern preferences for the above ?

3) Incoming or outgoing best for the rip, or does it matter ?

Warn the peaceful residents of Chatham...tell 'em to lock up their little children...alert the police, Coast Guard and Cape Cod Border Patrol ...Doc is about to be on the loose! :eek:

(Gotta get out and try the Atlantis before I totally flip out. :Eyecrazy: )

Best regards to all,

-Doc :cool:

07-11-2005, 04:56 PM
Juro, old pal,... I have to drive to Boston tomorrow but will be at "big Girl" Thursday morn (Will check the Tide)...Unfortunatly, I have the next 6 days after Thursday in the school... I will not do this next year.

07-11-2005, 05:34 PM
Doc -

I share the pain brother. :)

The flies you can cast increase proportionately with the grains you push them with, so you can supersize a little. But the best medicine for me has been the upsized rip eel since it tends to cut the current better than larger profile flies, at least when the current is raging.

Since the average sand eel pattern for me is 5-6 inches, a rip eel is 8-9 inches and bulkier, like the sand eels you see birds choking on this time of year. The key is low and slow.

I hope we can hook up on the Atlantis trial. The new lines are truly amazing and I might be able to help you find the economy of effort that these rods have to offer.

John -

Big girl has left the building anyway, so you might as well lead the masses for a little while until she returns. My gut feel is that when she does this next time, she is going to be bringing it on bigtime. Will talk offline.