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: time on the water

07-03-2005, 10:28 PM
finally foud time to get out and get some fishing done....

Today being July 3rd it sounded like World War III at a local lake and extremely crowded. I decided to hoof it out for once and walk from shore without waders. The water is still somewhat dingy and too dark to sight fish for carp. I could see their wakes occasionally and every once in a while see one go airborn. I figured they were more than likely spawning but tried a couple casts with damsel nymphs and wooly buggers, which after an hour of blindcasting I gave up on and switched to bass bugging. Fishing was on the slow side and considering the rarity that flyfisherman are locally I got many strange looks, but the bottom line was I ended up catching nice bass without seeing anyone else hook up. Later tons of panfish began blowing up on damsel emergers, and this eventually attracted some bigger fish, it reached the point where youd see a bluegill dorsal fin skittering just under the surface at a bug and a huge explosion erupted upon him (poor little guy :hihi: )
As guickly as the madness began, it ended and the night was dead calm except for kids throwing blackcats into the street.