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07-01-2005, 03:19 PM
Since I'll be working all weekend, took Wednesday off for a day of fishing. So the weather forecast was for clouds and possible rain, as well as a fair amount fo wind...when you get a day to fish, you fish. High tide early AM falling through most of the day then the early rise.

Started up at the light at about 6:30, and had to walk south for almost a mile before I got out of seal range. Must have been near on 500 of them in the first few bowls heading south. didn't even bother casting as I figured either A) no fish would go into the (sea) lion's den or B) any hooked fish would quicly become seal breakfast.

Finally found some reasonable looking stucture that wasn't chock ful-o seal and started fishing. Picked up a pair of 2-3 lb bluefish on successive cast without loosing the fly (thank you 30lb fluoro), and decided to move looking for stripes.

Next spot resulted in a mid 20s striper right in the wash. Made it down to the drop-off point at about 8AM in time to find striblue with his Orvis class starting their day on the water. Tide still early outgoing. Weather such that sightfishing really not possible (clouds, flat light). Could drop a few casts into the channel and picked up another upper grade schoolie.

Met up with a trio of CT based board members and made the trek all the way down to the end of SB with the dropping tide. Tantalized by perpetually diving birds and splashes through the (really shallow) channel, and ran over expecting at least a blitz of bluefish, but found rather that the birds were working alone over REALLY shallow water.

Tried further out, lookin for deeper water off the end of SB, but anywhere the water dropped off to more than 5 feet, there were scads of seals who seemed to delight in following me along the beach.

Followed the inside channel along the inside back up to the drop off, alternately running into pockets of stripers and blues. Biggest blue probably a 5lber, and similar size for stripers. Fished the outside back up to the light. Seals less concentrated, but still a bunch. Early incoming with lots of good looking structure and currents, but only picked up a couple more stripers.

Over the whole day managed not to donate a single fly, though several got seriously chewed up by the bluefish.

Could have wished for better weather, but a good day still, and great to explore the furthest reaches of south beach. Not sure how to be more productive with the preponderance of seals, though.

Still have yet to need the reel this season for other than line-storage, but a few more days fishing should put me onto something with some size to it. Have to look for a better weather window and a trip to monomoy next time out, or perhaps the bayside as well.

07-01-2005, 03:33 PM
Thanks Mark,

Excellent report. I will reciprocate this weekend :biggrin: :D :smokin: