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: Bayside, 6/28, With OC & Family

06-29-2005, 08:02 PM
Had the pleasure of a day at the beach with Steve, his bride and daughter. Arrived to a down pour and had a New England weather day from there on. If you didn't like it, just had to wait 15 minutes. Saw fish right away on the low outgoing but they were'nt feeding. Worked our way down to the creek to scope things out for the incoming. Prime time brought gentle winds out of the ssw, clear skies and great visibility, downright Bahamas like. Steve and Tracey posted up at the creek mouth and I moved down a trough or two. With the incoming came pods of 8 to 10 with not a dink among them. The fish I saw were in the 28 to 32 inch range while up at the creek OC and family were seeing some pigs. Deep eel resulted in one take on my part, I'll let OC tell his story. There was a ton of shrimp around, wish I'd taken my box of Acklins flys.

As the tide filled in fish were filtering in behind us and coming out through our legs. More size variety also so we had our way with pesky schoolies. The wind picked up and shifted to wsw creating one to two foot rollers. The cool and damp fog came in and it looked like typical striper weather.

All in all a great day. I think OC may have a striper addict on his hands as it was tough prying the spinning rod from Traceys hands. Finished the day with a couple of tugs on a bottle of Oban and said our so longs.

Had a great time hanging out and fishing with OC. Truely a great long weekend of fishing, even with some slow catching. Donna and I had a great time at the reception, a fine and mellow event. I am looking forward to thier next visit.

Congratulations to Steve and Tracey and best wishes for the future.

06-29-2005, 08:59 PM
Fred -

Sounds like a truly awesome day in many ways.

06-30-2005, 08:44 AM
Wow! What a truely wonderful week on Old Cape Cod. I don't think this crusty old man has ever been happier.

Last night Tracy and I got back home to Seattle about 930 pm and sat on the back porch finishing the wonderful bottle of Oban that FredA and his beautiful wife Donna gave us. Tracy has had a smile from ear to ear for a week now and I was vain enough to think it was because she married me. As we sat there on the porch Tracy started to ask questions about what flies or lures would one use in mid September on the Cape. I thought that was unusual so I asked her why she wanted to know as she has never been a fisherperson. Her answer was that she is going back to the cape by her self in September and striper fishing is on her mind. I'll tell you even on the the morning after our wedding she got me out of bed at 0430 to fish the Mecca. This beautiful woman has now taken on the tittle of THE BASS WOMAN and I'm affraid she understands the flats all too well. Thanks Fred, what a great job you did! Big girls moving on to the flats in groups of two's are what she dreams about and I'm affraid she may be thinking of becoming a part time physian and becoming a Summer Cape Cod flats fisher woman. I'm not kidding here, really.

Fishing with Fred is as good as it gets. His knowledge and easy going style was just perfect for this guy who constantly had buck fever. I was so excited I tied bad knots, lost fish, spooked fish and just blew opportunities one after another. All the time Fred just enjoyed the show and kept meeting me the next morning for more wonderful flats fishing. I hope I have a new friend in Fred for life and hope I get the opportunity some day to take him steelhead fishing in the Pacific Northwest.

As for the fish, ya we met some really big girls on Tuesday at the creek mouth. It was amazing to watch on the incoming, fish from 24 inches up to maybe 30 pounds move up on the flats. The really big girls were spooky as they should be, nothing of such wonder should be easy. I got a chance at 4 fish around 12 pounds and blew it, follow, follow, then take off down the beach. I finally figured out that the floating line I was using was spooking the fish. The big big girls never came within casting distance that morning always staying close to the drop off but I know they are there and that on any given morning they could come close. One time I made the mistake of not scaning the water behind me in the trough before crossing it. I was waste deep and headed to shallower water and had two huge fish spook out to open water. Seconds later one of them kept trying to get back in to the trough only to meet up with me each time. I must of looked like a total fool trying to cast or dabble my 12 feet of leader at a fish that I'm not sure I could get my arms around it's mid section.

Next June is not that far away when you have memories like last week on Old Cape Cod.
Thanks Fred from the three of us, Tracy, Nolan and myself. :cool: