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06-28-2005, 12:37 PM
headed to sandwich sunday morning 6:30 tide was flowing OUT. this is the OLD HARBOR it has a GREAT RIP an a SUPER DROP OFF so if you go! PLEASE watch your self. everything has changed from last season. this morning there were a few FLY GUYS fishing the rip out front.Id say 6 at least. I always park in from the town lot an walk out. when it's LOW like this you get guys comming from the outher side of the CREEK, thats why there were so meny this morning. I decided NOT to fish the rip being so full of guys. an some were getting there instruction an how to cast, so I kept away, an walked out along the old wall, following the sand flats to the left. they couldn'e see me an I couldent see them. which turned out GREAT! I had my grandaughter w/me an she was 9. figured I be able to help her learn to cast an catch some sun, an just relax for the morning. almost forgot there were 2 bait fishermen on the rocks fishing also! I walked her out on the flat an showed her what to look for where the sand was an how the waves washing on, an where the water got deeper. we walked out to my knees which was almost to her waist, an were were about 40yds out COOL. I took the rod made a cast to strech the line,for it hadent see water seen's last season. an BAM fish on, I took the handed it to her an you should have see her eyes light up, big as silver dollars, she had a great time w/ that fish, he was 18" she patted him in the water, an off he went, the next thing she said was LETS GET ANOTHER ONE! I forgot the camera, BUT I bet that fish will be imbeded in here mind for a LOOOOOG TIME! BUT I did bring my cel phone, an we called her mother,an she told her uncle (my son),see you should be fishing not going to a cook-out.we had a great morning, tide had turned time to head out! then I saw a fly guy walking towards the wall, heading out to the outher side to fish the rip! the BAD part was he was DRINKING BEER, guys PLEASE DON'T bring beer out to a rip an fish, that water moves in FAST, an you can have problems, BE SAFE.