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: Fish Outfoxed - 06/24

06-24-2005, 02:21 PM
Finally made it out with Captain Art yesterday (FFF Sponsor - FinFun Charters) and can't say enough good things about the experience. In this particular instance, I was hosting a close friend and client who has been wanting to see what sightfishing for stripers was all about.

Art immediately put us onto fish. And lots of them. BIG ones. Not a micro in sight. Oh, sooooo much fun...even though, in the end, the fish outfoxed us a bit. Can't seem to rub dem damn rookie stripes off my shirt :rolleyes: hmmmm...wonder if bleach would take them out.

...anyway, after being bombarded by pods from all directions, the wind switched from east to north, started blowing, and shut things down.

In no more than 30min, Art had the boat out of the water and back in on the other side. Into a whole new scene. Unreal :whoa: Never seen that many cows altogether. Moving so slowly. In hindsight, I probably should have just stuck my hand in the water and grabbed one...except there were some zippity snippity blues around :tsk_tsk:

My buddy had a great time. And we were all left wanting more.

After several less than great boat guide experiences, I am happy to say I won't have to look any further than FinFun from now on. Art is a great guy, incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, lots of laughs, has a great new ride, is willing to change it up if the conditions call for it, and generally speaking is 110% committed to making sure his guests have a great trip. I wholeheartedly recommend him if your looking for a guided trip via watercraft. But call early, b/c he's often booked way in advance. Now I know why.

Now off to the library to learn more about "eye-so-podz" :confused: