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: How do you organize all your fly tying materials?

06-19-2005, 07:12 PM
Mine are a complete mess. Everything is in one big box and it ususually gets ruined.

Any suggestions?

06-19-2005, 09:02 PM
Zip-lock bags in various sizes are one of several ways to help keep tying materials from turning into a mess. Other things that can be used are the plastic shoe boxes Wal-Mart and others sell for about $1.00, the multiple drawer plastic drawer sets sold at hardware stores, Wal-Mart, and K-Mart, metal or plastic storage shelves found in hardware stores, large Plano or other tackle boxes, and peg board.

Truthfully, putting stuff in zip-lock bags and using the plastic shoe boxes is an easy and cheap way to keep your materials from getting ruined and they make it easy to find what you want as well.

06-20-2005, 06:53 AM
The Large Tackle Binder by BW Sports can be found for $20 and is perfect for carrying all my synthetic materials.. I am amazed at the amount of stuff that can be fit into this bag.. all my DNA material, kinky fiber, flash, hooks, eyes, etc.. Not big enough for bucktails and hackles, but great for just about anything else.

The ziploc bags are 8.5 x 11.

If you store your flies in plastic sleeves, the small and medium versions of this binder are great for carrying flies on the water.

-- Tom

06-20-2005, 07:24 AM
Three large, 200 litre plastic sealed boxes and a smaller 10 litre box for hooks.

One box for feathers, one for furs and one for synthetics. Small box for hooks, eyes, beads and weight.

I did hot glue some plastic dividers in the big boxes for some semblance of order, but these worked loose, under the weight, so now it is just a mad jumble of stuff in each of the boxes.

System works after a fashion. I normally have to spend a few minutes at the beginning of any session rooting out the necessaries.

06-20-2005, 07:29 AM
I have 3 of the largest Plano ProLatch boxes from Walmart that I use for thread, hooks, floss, chenelle, dubbing, etc. They were about $4 each. I also have 2 plastic DVD cases. (They look like Rubbermaid boxes, but are from another company.) One holds feathers, the other holds furs. The feathers and fur in these boxes are seperated into ziplock bags. Total cost of rall the storage was about $20. Works good. No fear of crushing materials.

I made an inexpensive desk using some utility board I got from home depot for about $4. If it gets ruined I can toss it and make anotherone becasue I still have utilitiy board to spare.

There is a ton of good fly tying stuff out there. You just need to be willing to "re-purpose"
stuff and in some case be handy with tools.

06-20-2005, 11:27 AM
Finding the adaquate storage for fly tying materials is a on-going changing process.

At first a few plastic boxes and seal bags work. You require more materials, that that makes you sort different colors of the same materials. Now you have dividers in draws. When that's not enough and you need more space. Start going modular. Finally you get to the point you have every conceivable material available. Now you find ways giving the unwanted material away.

06-20-2005, 01:18 PM
Now you find ways giving the unwanted material away.

Really, so what have you got? :D

I agree. As you find a new flys you want to tie you add more and more materials. Add in the fact that as time change certain patterns and materials go out of style and new ones take their place and you find yourself with more stuff than you know what to do with. (I haven't gotten their yet. Although my wife thinks so. :hihi: )

06-20-2005, 11:18 PM
Rubbermaid boxes one for each material. Way too many now I think I have 3 large boxes of just white necks. Since they come in different sizes I'll sometimes have the material for a pattern I tie alot in one of the smaller boxes.