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: Grand Cayman help???

06-17-2005, 04:33 AM
I'll be headed to Grand Cayman in a few weeks to visit family. I have been there once before and have a little experience with the bonefish. I was hoping to get some info about the other fishes I might find. I have read about the landlocked tarpon but could not find them the last time. I will have my 2 sons with me and would like to take them fishing once or twice while there. Any info would be appreciated.
Thank you

06-17-2005, 07:22 AM
You want to talk to "bonehead" who we're lucky to say is our cayman is. bonefishing expert. Much has come up on this topic so it's been great to have him on board.

You could also use the search option with the word "cayman" and lots will pop up.

06-17-2005, 10:35 PM

First, thanks, Juro, for the referrence. Appreciate it. Let me say in return that I've thoroughly enjoyed participating in the forum and reading the entries by other fly tossing crazies that share the same passion.


General fly fishing in Grand Cayman is much like many other tropical locations. Cast a flashy Clouser around the edges of most flats (particularly early or late in the day) and you'll find all sorts of jacks, snapper, cudas, etc to put a pleasant bend in your rod. Might even find the occasional bone or baby tarpon that way.

As for baby tarpon, there are lots in the various canals and brackish ponds, but you'll also find them cruising the edges of bonefish flats this time of year. These fish range from tiny 3-5 pound dinks to 25 pounders, all feeding on the glass minnows that school up in summer. Locate a school of these baitfish and the tarpon (and jacks, snapper, cudas, snook) aren't far off. I like anything with yellow when fishing these bait schools and use #4 - #2 hooks and 14-20 pound tippet. Of course, if the bigger tarpon are around you'll need a much more substantial bite tippet - say 40 pound mono - to keep from breaking off.

Of course, exactly where to go is an issue, but that either takes some exploring or local knowledge. I'd be happy to point you and your sons in the right direction to do some fishing on your own. All you need is a rental car and tackle. My web site has a list of recommended Cayman flies (with recipes) and some fishing tips. I don't know what's allowed on this forum, so I won't post my web site address or email, but you can either PM me or do a Google search under my name.

Bonefishing here is better than ever after hurricane Ivan. Visitor numbers have been way down, so the fish have had a break from angling pressure (locals don't target bonefish). Also, I've seen more aggressive feeding behaviour from bones here, and in some places more fish, than I did before the hurricane. Maybe the storm stirred things up on the flats or something, but this year has been good to us fly fishers.

Hope you have a great time on your visit to our island and let me know if I can help in any way.

Tight lines,
Davin Ebanks
AKA Bonehead