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: Rip Trip Group Picture

06-16-2005, 05:57 PM
The trip went off!... Weather Gods were with the group... Jim Simms will post a report later... Multiple Keepers... and blues as well. As far as I could tell from the group back at the Saloon was that it was a great day!.

06-17-2005, 08:13 AM
To match names with faces in the above group photo, standing left to right....

Phil Sheffield...Jim Simms (group leader)...Capt. Keith Lincoln...Ed Bottegal
Larry Porier...Bob Tate... Pete (bluefish broken his rod) Frykman

seated left to right...

Ken McRae..and in the waders ready to head back out! Paul Cheever.

Iron Man John Morin behind the Camera. Thanks for the 12 pack John!

And an excellent BIG thanks to Jim Simms for keeping track of everyone for the entire day and hosting us at the Saloon for the Rip Trip Social. What a beautiful spot!

Highlight of the day for me was a seal pup that beached itself right near my feet before realizing I was there! We looked at each other in the eyes for a short second and said hello to each other before it quickly parted company. I've never been that close to a seal in all my 53 years an there were pleanty of pups. Another, but I missed it, was a very amazed Skiman watch his TFO break clean at the top of the butt section to a big bluefish. I think he bagged it for being naughty. Oh, and another. Watching Jim S walk quite a long distance to intercept Larry and I and inform us that the Rip had finally formed and the big fish had arrived. The Rip is reminisent of my first visit to the Jolters Keys off North Andros. One has to pinch him or herself on arrival. Am I really here? Thank God for the weather. Next time I'll bring sunblock when rain is predicted! My ears took a beating having not been covered. Thanks again John and Jim! Another great event I will never forget! Well. Time to get tying again and refill the box of missing (blues) flies. Sand eels were the ticket. Tried lots of others with spotty results. Had to cut all of the long synthetic SE's back to get results.


06-18-2005, 07:08 AM
Phil, Bonefishmon, succinctly detailled the trip. With a weak tide, I was concerned that the rip would not materialize, but as the west/east tide began, the rip did occur. Everyone hooked up with both bass and blues. Ken McCrae was top gun with two keeper size bass. Larry, Shadfreak, was spectacular, catching big bluefish on top with his two-hander.

Ideal conditions and a great group of guys.

06-19-2005, 09:41 AM
The Rip trip was ideal. The weather, the fishing, and the company were truely enjoyable. I have to admit that I love blues on top. They miss, they slap, they jump right over your popper. What a blast. Special thanks to Striblue and Jim for their work in setting up the trip. I can't wait to go again and you can be sure that I'll bring more poppers next time. Big ones that make alot of noise.
Larry aka Shadfreak