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06-15-2005, 01:00 AM
Evenin all you Buckeroo's and Buckerette's,

Let's see a show of hands. How many of you have had a bad day at work recently? Ahah, yes.
Well, today was my turn. Supposed to pour the driveway, the sub never showed phone call. Supposed to get the lumber for the deck. Never showed up. I was pi**ed, boss was pi**ed, Customer, well you get the picture. At 4:15 I sat in my truck with topo maps spread out all over. "Need somthing close....Mollala!
I droped on to I-5 south and was on 211 in no time. Such beautifull country, as I wouned my way up to the foothills past Yoder and Dickey Prairie, the river beside me sparkling in the sun. Crossed the bridge and drove up a bit past Looney's gate. Wasting no time, I grabed my rod and wading staff. There is a break in the river here with a small section going around a large island and the main stem on the other side. this small section where it comes back into the main is a go to. Two pools form there. In 15 mins. I pulled 6 Bows from each pool, and I was off and running!
I moved up the small side, the wind was gusting a little, but I was hitting each pool with deadly accuracy. And the Bows just kept comming back for more. At that point I passed 20 landed and stopped counting. Moving across to the Main Stem, working the bottom of a small spillway. That's when the Hatch went off! It started with thousands of white Midges, what I thought at first was pollen from the firs, untill they began building up on my arm! After that came the Herds of Mayflies, and small brown Moths. The fish went nuts, Jumping out of the water right next to me, NO Fear. They were striking at sections of my line as I cast. The fish hitting now were bigger, 12-14" Beffy Bows, good fighters. After an hour give or take, the hatch was over, and the strikes backed off considerably. I drove down stream and tried another spot, but it was history.
On the way back home, I had Steve Stills Manassas on and realized I hadn't thought about work, or anything else for that mater the whole time I was there.....'cept a'course, those Bows! Funny how a Fish and a Fly can bring such harmony
Sleep tight little Buckeroos

Dont look at my shadow

PS here's what she looked like as I was walking away

06-15-2005, 05:17 AM
Reading this has even wiped out MY bad days! Thanks for sharing your awesome day and the pic tells a thousand words

07-12-2005, 07:20 PM
Great reading. Beautiful place, thats what I love about fishing, (perhaps more than the fish).

I am from the southern half of the planet, and I don't know what a 'bow' is. Can you enlighten me?


New Zealand

07-12-2005, 08:08 PM
Rain'bow', and I read that you guys have some very impressive specimens! I would love to fish NZ someday...