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: Barkley Sound mid July?

06-13-2005, 01:40 PM
After the wedding/fishing trip to Cape Cod in June, Tracy and I will be sailing RC LOUISE up to Barkley Sound/Broken Islands for a couple of weeks of honey mooning, her idea not mine, I would rather just head out for 4 days in open ocean and find the Canadian weather bouy 180 miles off the coast. I can't believe how expensive it is just getting a new Blue Sea chart for my GPS for that region, over $300.00 plus all the bs now for entry both countries. With all the hassle am I going to hit some good fly fishing for Coho and sockeye in the middle of July in that region or should I just bring a good bottle of Scotch? Do I need a canadian fishing liscense for fishing and crab? A little info would help convince me this will be a good trip.
If any of our Canadian fly fishermen live in that area PM me and we will invite you to dinner on RC LOUISE and if we got wind a sail too.