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: The clock has ticked?

06-11-2005, 05:44 PM
I'm sitting here working on a major project without much hope of any days off until July (except Big Brother Day for the kids)... but the grapevine is alive with reports of big fish on the scene, finally.

Since I am chained to the desk, someone - please tell me it's true!

06-12-2005, 11:35 AM
Sorry to hear that Juro, you will miss fishing and die young because of lost fishing days. Had looked forward to searching the flats with you near the end of June. Hope you get lucky and get your project done early, I just can't picture a Juro who can not fish.

06-12-2005, 12:49 PM

I know that the Cape is your true love but I have a first hand report of large fish in both the Piscataqua and the Merrimack.

I fished the Pis on Saturday night for an hour or so. It was an outgoing tide and I was perusing some local rips to no avail. As I did the Chatham swing with my offerings (try to catch a crab!) I watched a single boat score decent fish after decent fish in the main channel. I think they were drifting herring or macks.

I went kayaking Saturday afternoon and did not see much bait near Portsmouth. But I know that the herring are around in numbers (mostly up-river now). Every fisherman that I spoke to said that keeper sized fish were finally around in NH.

This morning I hit the mouth of the Merrimack. I needed to get on the board for 2005 and catch me a striper so I headed south. I hit the mouth in the AM and begrudgingly joined the legions of clam chuckers. Man it was packed. Just when I found a slot that I could cast in without getting in the way of the clam drifters a new legion stepped in to my left. 5 minutes later their line was across my shins. Phooey. So I treked on down to the sandbar and positioned myself nicely in a rip. Nada. It was nice and foggy and the tide was cranking but nobody was doing much. I did see a few guys that were keeping gutted stripers cool on stringers in the water. So fish were there. I headed up-river from the party boats and waded way out on the mussel beds. That was a decent rip and I was out of reach of the clam men on shore. Nada. I fished that spot pretty hard too.

I decided to trek upstream to Joppa even though I thought that the action on Joppa would be a twink fest. I was right. I am sure that the 23 boats in front of me were doing better but I scored 5 twinks in 30 minutes and then headed home for breakfast with my wife. I do not like messing with 10 inch bass. I say that we should let them go unmolested. But if you fish for them please fish barbless!

A decent weekend, and bigger fish are around up North if you know where to look. In two weeks I will be drifting herring flies around the rocks in NH from the kayak. I will report back with the results.

And Juro, make time for an outing before you go nuts. I have been traveling a ton for work (5 trips in 5 weeks) and this trip to the coast was sweet medicine for a tired soul.



06-12-2005, 02:55 PM
it's true...TRUE...yes it affirmative



...gotta GO