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Gaspe Salmon
06-11-2005, 08:33 AM
Greetings anglers and friends,

Thought I would bring you up to speed with conditions in our area.

Grand Cascapedia River started out with a bang with fish being hooked and landed in every sector from the opener on the 1st. The fishing continued to be good throughout the first week and into this week. Today we are facing a fairly dirty river that bumped up about 1-2 feet overnight due to heavy downpours yesterday. Fishing should be getting really good in the upper sectors in a week or so. To date the main river has been fishing best but a few fish have been taken by our guides and anglers up in the Salmon and Lake Branches. There are not a lot of fish up there, but the ones that are there are good size! To date, starting on the 6th of June we have 5-fish released 15-22-25-30-22, and a few more lost fish. All in all, one of the best early seasons in a very long time!

The Bonaventure is still a bit slow. We have been floating it for the last 3-days and have been seeing anywhere from 3-fish the first day to 15-fish two days ago to half a dozen yesterday. One of those happen to take one of our guests flies, a small pattern size 7 Picasse, the result was a nice 22 pound fish released back into the river.

The water level on the Bonnie was getting a bit scary until yesterday. The water was quite low, I would say about late June to early July conditions, but yesterday she bumped up a bit so she should be o.k. for a few days. Water temp 47.6, slightly milky.

Cascapedia water temps 45-51F brown colour this moring. Lake branch high and dark, Salmon branch high and alder colour.

Forcast for our region. Rain showers tonight, 40% showers Sun, Mon, Tues, Weds. Temps 15-21 C all week.

I think that the fishing on the Bonnie will take about a week before it really takes off. Sure there are fish around but unless you have a canoe and can cover lots of water, you will have a tought time finding them!

If any of you want more info, call me, or, email me.

Best to you all,

David Bishop

06-12-2005, 12:48 AM