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: RI... Week in Review 6/10

06-10-2005, 05:36 PM
Summer weather to the region has finally arrived this week. Look for lesser winds during the morning hours and patches of fog. Use these quiet conditions to stalk fish in shallower waters. Stealth remains important to any angler fishing thinner waters. Spooky fish will never turn on a fly or lure nor will they except any offering. You can lead them all you want, but a spooked bass won’t stop till the danger is behind them. Generally speaking, they won’t move to far from the zone so you might get a second chance.

One of the most effective methods to fish quiet areas is to use the drift method. Remember that every time you start that two-cycle engine, you cause fish to take notice. Start your drifts way up wind or up current to minimize noise to your intended area. Make sure your craft drifts parallel to the structure you want to fish. Try not to cast over the shadow of the boat or drift path. Often this is dead water since fish will have spooked.

Quite often fishing destinations are based on wind conditions during quiet times. Nothing destroys a fishing hole more than moving in and out constantly due to the wrong wind. Try to maintain the low engine revolutions when entering an area. Changing revs of the prop will only alert them more. Electric motors are great additions to any boat of smaller size.

Fisherman who have been bottom fishing for tautog have been catching some Scup. Mount Hope Bridge pillars remains a good spot for bottom fish. “T”-Wharf at the southern end of Prudence Island is also good. To have good scup’in you have to fish the moving water. Once you find them, you can sit on them for any length of time. Just remember though, the Scup season hasn't started yet. 7/1/05 is opening day.

Lot’s of undersize tautog are being caught in the usually rocky places. Popular locations are Ohio Ledge, Hogg Island Light, and Conimicut Light.

Striper fishing is still good in the upper bay too. The window of opportunity is much smaller as we move toward the summertime modes. Fish at dawn and early morning hours and use the drift method. Trawling has been the least effective method unless there is larger waves. If you can still find any remaining pogies to live line, that will do the trick.