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: Weekend Fishing

06-06-2005, 07:02 AM
Went to the bayside Friday afternoon for the low and early incoming. Dinks on every cast once you found them. Biggest about 20".

Saturday am just had to walk to the waters edge and fish were at your feet. Better mix of dinks and arm togglers to about 24". Saw a few keeper size. Great thing, this sight fishing in the fog. I'd of quit after ten or so but it's mornings like this that tend to produce my best fish. After about thirty fish I futzed around with long release and Penguin upgrade techniques. Off the water by 8 am.

Sunday am fish were not as prevelant but got my share of sckoolies. Had one tug and follow by a pig as I drew my fly for another cast. Off the water by 7:30 am.

Company and my wife left about 11:00 am so I went fishing. At every possible turn I debated, the Pasture to follow the outgoing at the creek or South beach. I was even thinkin of turning around as I walked from the causeway to the refuge. I knew I made the wrong choice when Kieths say he had 50 flyfishers to transport first thing in the morning. Sure enough the guantlet was setup at the edge, people flycasting in shoulder blade deep water. No way fish were coming up on the flats. I thought about moving way down where I might find Adrian et el but figured I'd turn around and call it a weekend...took the 3:00 back.

06-06-2005, 01:24 PM
You're killing me! I was out in the heavy fog in Chatham on Sat morning but there weren't any fish around, or at least they weren't biting. There were some bunker chasing my fly in the shallows though, so I figure there must have been some blues or stripers around somewhere. Where there's bait, there's other stuff too...