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: RI... Week in Review 6/5

06-05-2005, 07:40 AM
The upper bay is still the best spot to land a bass. Fishing has been noticeably slower this week due to cold fronts and northerly winds. There are still plenty of bass in the 20 lb range but you have to work for them. First you need to snagg pogies, than free spool. Good news is there plenty of adult manhaden at the beginning of the week. Unfortunitly a new modern state of the art seiner has drasticly reduced the numbers. Pogies schools have been located west of Hogg Island in the East Passage. Find them, and you find a few bass. Expect a chop now and than while live lining. Yes, there are a few blues, but their numbers are small.

Large white deceivers and larger angel flies have provided hook-up along rocky reefs, and open waters where pogies are presents. Cast a mid ship and let the current mend the line. Most hits occur near the boat.

West Passage hasn't shown any signs of any major concentration yet. Lack of silversides, but that will change in the next frw days once the crab molding begins. Fish will start moving onto the flat areas as the bait in open waters start to break up their concentrations.

06-05-2005, 07:45 AM
Fish close to that area, but from shore and got lots of micros.
FishHawk :smokin: