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: Cortland change-a-tips Spey Line

06-04-2005, 07:26 AM
I heard that the loop connectors between the line and the various tips are robust and a bit bulky, and I was tipped by a friend, to remove the standard loops and change them for smaller, slimmer standard loop connectors. I didn't listen, thought that with a 15 ft rod, I'd have enough leverage to be able to net my fish without worrying about the loops snagging on the tip ring. Well.....

...2 nights ago, I hooked what I thought was a good salmon of around 10-12 lbs. Only after about 10 minutes, did I realise that it wasn't a salmon, but perhaps the biggest seatrout I've ever seen! Lo and behold, as I got it near the net, yes, the loop got snagged in the tip ring and for a split second there was no longer any tension on the fish and it threw the fly!

A lesson hard learnt. I have now changed all of the loop connectors on all of the tips on my line! I recommend that if you have a Cortland change-a-tip line you do the same. Other than that, it's a beautiful line that shoots and performs very well.