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: Lubricating my cork drag - Help!

06-03-2005, 09:26 PM
My Abel reel has been left in storage for several seasons, and it hasn't gotten any TLC. I pulled it apart and it looks as though the cork is a bit dried out, and could stand to be lubricated.

The problem is... I can't find neatsfoot oil anywhere! I've checked all of the sporting goods stores and home improvement stores to no avail. I'm leaving for Alaska next Thursday, so I don't have time to order anything in to use.

Are there any alternatives? I've seen a product called Super Lube made with Teflon, but I have a feeling this is for spinning reels using mechanical drags.

Thanks in advance!

Fred Krow
06-03-2005, 09:48 PM
Abel recommends only pure neatfoots oil on the cork.

Most of the leather supply shops and riding tack shops will have the product.

I would not use any synthetic lub.

Fly shops that carry Abel reels usually have the three tube kit in a red case for maintenance. One of the tubes has the neatsfoot oil for the drag.

You could also call Abel and request additional information,,,,,I suspect some mineral oil (baby oil) would work without harm however, I would call Abel and confirm.


06-04-2005, 02:12 PM
Some reel manufacturers with cork drags suggest super lube (sythetic grease) and graphite powder. I would not use a petroleum based product, but would suspect that Shimano drag grease would also work well. FWIW, neets foot oil is from rendered cow hoofs, so other animal based oils would probably be fine in a pinch.

06-04-2005, 04:04 PM
Thanks for the help guys, I called a local riding shop and was able to find some neatsfoot.

06-04-2005, 09:14 PM
I picked up an 8 oz bottle for $3.00 at my local shoe repair shop. Check your yellow pages for shoe/boot repair or cobblers.

06-09-2005, 04:46 PM
:tsk_tsk: Careful Gunner. That could be synthetic Needsfoot Oil. If it is, it is a petroleum based product and NOT the same as the Needsfoot Oil that you can purchase at a tack shop. Iíve gone through this.

06-09-2005, 06:05 PM
Good advice Dick!

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