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: Going to Jamaica

06-02-2005, 08:49 AM
Hello fellow fly flingers,

I am going to Jamiaca the last week in January, 2006. I'll be in Resort/Golf bay are. Anyone ever heard of it? Im thinking I'd like to bring the long rod because I already got clearance (from her) to go fishing while were down there. The travel agent is trying to find some guides for me however Im told that the island doesn't have much in the way of flats style fishing available. I have no idea what to bring. The only other saltwater fishing Ive done was in the Florida keys 2 years ago. Any insight would be awesome. Thank you.

06-15-2005, 11:39 AM
You got me curious so I did a search... they must be too stoned to fish down there :)

Very little info on line, reefs and bluewater fishing sounded good though but it does not sound like an inshore fishery.

06-15-2005, 07:53 PM
That is the same type of conclusion I get also. Ive looked and asked and found almost nothing. At this point Im bring some rods (just in case) to use down there. Who knows?

11-23-2005, 06:38 PM
Let me know how you do, I am going to Negril in Feb. and would love to get some salt water action if it is available. Good luck!

11-28-2005, 08:59 AM
Hey Guys,

my wife and I honeymooned in Jamaica in June of '98. I was not into FF back then but have been a lifelong angler. We stayed in a mountain top villa overlooking Montego Bay and travelled and played tourist for three of the days out of our week.

You guys have probably hit the nail on the head. The water drops of from a cut your feet to pieces limestone shore to deep water. None of that aquamarine blue stuff like flats water that I saw. I think if you found some public access, open, safe area to FF (I did NOT see any) you might could toss some weighted line baitfish flies and have some success. On shore breeze everyday to cool the island. Offshore cool mountain breeze each nite. We hit Negil- some sandy beach there- mostly nudey tourists, hippies from the States who joined the Rastafarians to smoke dope and live in huts.

Toured Mo'Bay and went over the Blue Mountains to south Jamaica to tour YS Falls and the Black River. We did see and hear that the diving and spearfishing is good. Daily we would see a kid with a steel gig and some fish walking along side of the road. We rafted and boated two rivers but did not fish.

Crimes against tourists in Jamaica is not uncommon.

Not wanting to scare or discourage anyone-but watch your six! :whoa:

PS-(the edited version) Looking and thinking back-and this is just my opinion/experience- I would leave the rods at home. Take the camera with loads of film or megabytes and get LOTS of pix with my arm around my sweetie and holding the camera at arms length (we DID!) in a lush tropical paradise and pretty much enjoy and rejuvenate a spousal relationship- unless she is your fishing partner-then fish! then when you get back home-PLAN your next flyfishing trip with zeal and see how much more support your wife gives you after a memory making trip to a Caribbean paradise.......... that has lame FF opportunities anyway. Make your partner the focus of the trip. A win/win scenario IMHO! And BTW take one of the bamboo rafting trips with your sweetie. WELL, WELL worth the trip and you'll be on /in a river. Tip well-these guys (the locals) are dirt poor. I saw kids sharing a pair of shoes and kicking a half liter soda bottle in lieu of a soccer ball. Infact, I would pack some deflated soccer balls and give them away if I go back. Big on soccer there. just my two cents, mon, everyting is irie!