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: Weekend report...Atlantis or...Bust???

05-31-2005, 07:40 PM
Saturday- what was supposed to be the rotten weather day turned out to be blue ribbon, with multiple fish ranging from crappie-size with my 3rd or 4th cast (as Keith was pulling away from the drop off- I shouted to him "what the hell ya been feedin' um, Keith?") to my very first keeper (and largest fish ever)- 34 inches- that I battled a good 5 minutes as Keith was pulling in to pick up the 12 noon departures. Held up for Keith and the rest to drool at before releasing back to the haven of the drop off. Burnt that little spot on the back of my head (you know, that SHOULD be covered by the cap, but ISN'T) something fierce, but it was worth it....
Sunday- met up with MarkS and his dad (as well as Jim Simms and his OTHER son...got to know his son Brad well at a Rip Trip last year)- we started at the drop off where I had such great luck the day before- this time I brought the Atlantis. Mark was instantly into mucho fish (none huge, but hooked up on practically every 3rd cast), with his dad making a good showing as well. I caught...ONE. About half the length of my keeper the day before. To make matters worse, I...(1) forgot my sunglasses (although didn't matter until about 11AM), then (2) much to my and every one else's amazement, snapped my one year old Atlantis almost perfectly in half during a forward cast. :Eyecrazy: I had been dutifully checking the joints/ferrules every 10th cast or so and they were rock solid....the snap occurred HALFWAY BETWEEN the joints/ferrules!!!! The only thing I (or any one else I spoke with about this that day) could come up with as an explanation was that while casting on the surf side for a while the wind shifted on me suddenly, sending the fly dinging into the rod. Still, this has happened to me with this rod (and others) in the past without such disasterous consequences. To add insult to injury, I got word today that my order for the new Airflo lines for the Atlantis has finally come in to the local shop; now I have to take the rod up to Smitty's place in Kingston (where I got it last year) and wait for a replacement, which may/may not arrive prior to the next Rip Trip. :( Guess now is a good time to work on my double haul.....
Doc Shep
P.S.- John- missed ya buddy- have a little donation for the CAC saloon sitting at my place- I'll look for ya this Saturday at the 8AM. :o

05-31-2005, 08:20 PM
Flydoc ,I learned the hard way last year,you have to tape the rod sections ,that way you don't have to keep rechecking after so many casts electrical tape does wonders.The push pull snap at the end of the casts will loosen the sections all the time.I feel your pain. By the way where did you order your airflo line from? If they are not a sponser would you e-mail me please?I 've been waiting for my order to come in ,so far no luck.

05-31-2005, 10:48 PM
Paul- just PM'd ya with the info...
Doc Shep

06-01-2005, 04:35 AM
It was probably a loose ferrule that might have caused your problem. The reason that I mentioned this is because the Temple Fork rep told me that 90% of rod breakage is due to a loose ferrule. However, you did mention that the rod got dinged. I had a rod break once when I got a Clouser hit. On the very next cast the rod broke. We've all been through this.

06-01-2005, 06:19 AM
Had my first looks at my bayside spot both Saturday and Monday around noon, early incoming. Shots at sighted fish both times but no cigar. Monday I was there briefly on the early incoming and didn't see fish 'til I got out to the edge down by the creek breach. Nice fish, in the small keeper size, rotated in from the dark water to the sand. Had to leave but I expect good sight fishing was to be had the next hour or two.

Went to the light Monday morning, again for too brief a time. Picked up a schoolie on the bar straight out. Walked down SB a short ways and checked out the first few bowls. Talked to a guy up from South Carolina who was pumped up about the weather, having been here through the crap last week. He'd been doing well despite the weather. Had a T&T 12x12. Talked about the virtues of the two hander on the beach. I asked if he had tried the Atlantis and he said he had one he hadn't fished yet but was very impressed with. He did comment that he was leery of the spigoted ferrules. I suggested that he ask Juro about it if he saw him on the beach. Anyhow, my regrets to flydoc, I know how it feels.

Satisfied my need for a tug throughout the weekend with sorties for sckoolies in the river. Surprisingly pleasant weekend weather wise.

06-01-2005, 06:53 AM
My T&T Horizon SC snapped it's top section earlier this year when I was pressuring a fish. It snapped at a small nick in the blank directly under a snake guide created when T&T replaced the loose guide late last year. Now it is back at T&T in the expedited service queue.

Lately, I have been fishing Ding Dong Road. The fishing has been somewhat sparse for the regulars although I have seen a few nice fish caught on big Storms. So far I have yet to hook up with a nice fish on the fly. Giving it a few more days before I resort to the Lami, the modified mega retrieve rate Squidda, and the 4 oz. dash-board faded lime green Clouser :biggrin:

06-01-2005, 06:57 AM
Shep, great day fishing..sorry about the Rod.... I will be there this weekend for sure.

06-01-2005, 08:35 AM
Thanks for the input, guys...I figure it had to be the ding from the fly, based on the location of the break and how clean it was....hope CND has an "expedited service queue"!
Doc Shep :wink:

06-01-2005, 10:56 AM
Great to meet, see everyone over the weekend, and sorry for the early end to the fishing day Doc...fortunately Keith was there shortly thereafter to run you back for the equipment change.

My Dad and I did well through the day on Sunday...started at the light at about 6:30 and picked up 4 fish on the bars there before heading for the Rip Ryder. Since we were already rigged, figured I'd cast at the drop-off waiting for others to get set....and seeing as there were loads of fish there, had little need to move until I got cold....fooled by the warm weather on Sat into not wearing enough thermal gear on Sunday.

Moved to the ocean side and again picked up a load of fish anywhere the water was moving...some good bars and rips along shore.

A few more fish on the inside before a noon ride back to Morris Island and a beach afternoon with the kids and family.

Thoughts on the day....

1. Water is still cold....wear thermals.

2. Should have brought the 6-wt instead of the 8....no wind and the fishies are still on the small side.

3. Great group of folks all around.

Will be out in a couple of weeks, and hoping to do it all over again with the reverse tides.

Best regards,