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: Salmon Flies for River Gaula-Norwy

John French
05-30-2005, 06:12 AM
First visit to River Gaula, looking for recommended flies and tying.

06-07-2005, 10:19 PM
Hi John,

I've never been to the Gaula (yet), but I get the booklet from the Norweigen Flyfishers Club every year. From what I've gathered, tube flies are very popular. Of course you could use a single, double, etc. If you're going early(June) I would make the flies large(#2/0-#2 or tubes from 10-15 cm in length). Like most salmon rivers as the season goes on the flies generally get smaller and the need to get down gets less and less. July I would tie a bit smaller (#1-#6) and August I would tie even smaller yet. All of this also depends upon rain, etc. Just because you may be going in August doesn't mean the water can't be high.

The patterns that seem to be talked about most are Temple Dogs, Green Highlanders, and Sunray Shadows, but of course variations of these flies as well as plety of other patterns will work well. My motto with salmon fishing is when in doubt use black.

If you need any tying materials, tubes, etc I carry a wide selction of everything you need. I also have alot of quality salmon tying materials and spey equipment. If nothing else, I'd like to talk salmon with ya. If I don't hear from you, hopefully the info helps, and good luck on your trip!!

Tight Lines,
Andrew Moy
(973) 244-5990