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: Squid for beginners please help

05-29-2005, 08:02 AM
Hi Everyone
thanks for the help Juro on squid fly patterns.
There are a few things that I dont understand however.
Many of the patterns shown in the archives have vivid colours. What is the reason for this?
I always thought that squid were semi transparent and white.

At what depth are these flies supposed to be fished at and do they need weight?

Some of the flies shown are enormous (10 inches) how on earth do you cast one of these things.

Final question: I want to tie up some squid patterns for my trip to Chatham next week, what patterns, colours and sizes do you recommend for this time of year?

Many thanks for your help.


05-29-2005, 09:14 AM
Squid, although they are on a transp / base of color, turn a brick red / brown when threatened and put on an amazing visual display during feeding, interaction with other squid, etc. We most often see dead squid, which are pale white.

I usually move my squid quickly if fishing from shore, slower when mooching flies from a boat in rips. Colorful squid in daylight seem to work well, but I would imagine the ideal color for squid patterns would be a light base with accents in the right places and proportions with some aspect of the color display that triggers a feeding response from the stripah.

Dark colors against light moonlit skies at night.

These little details are much less important than what I often joke about as my "terms of engagement" and is part of my schpeel when walking clients out to the flats from the Rip Ryder rendezvous...

1) presence of fish
2) mood of fish
3) presentation
4) fly

However all are critical, but my point is there are three more important things than the fly to worry about.