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11-12-2000, 08:34 AM
The Stillwater was really pumpin' due to all the rain. Talking to those who were having success "yesterday" the flows were double or nearly three times the volume before the rain.

Pine needles and leaves were heavy in the water but there were plenty of fish rolling down around the mouth.

Terry, GregO, Domenic and Nate concentrated on the lower section then up around the Singing Bridge as the rain pounded harder and harder. I think the infusion of so much rainwater, dirt, plant material and fishermen (the place was packed) got the fish into an accelerated move to the upper reaches.

Talked to one fly guy who caught one about 18" on a bright streamer. Other than that we did not see a fish caught even by the garden hackle crowd.

It was great to walk through the wooded trails and peek through the birches at rushing currents. Don't get me wrong I love sand and surf, but trout fishing is so fundamentally part of fly fishing. I think we all felt that being there.

Boy Dom is really happy with that 4wt 4pc Sage XP... I cast it at the show and was not just impressed but amazed how a finesse rod can have so much oooomph to it without being stiff.

GregO, Terry and I had a great breakfast at a West Boylston Diner and a chat with the bait and tackle shop owner before getting back to our long-forgotten families.

It was good to see some of the ol' gang and also some new faces who I hope come on board to say hello.

It was kinda late to be getting started with my trout season but I won't be so foolish as to ignore the Stillwater, Quinipoxet, and other waters so close to home next season.

11-12-2000, 08:02 PM
Wachusett is an interesting & diverse fishery. My wife & I went out for dinner last night & part of the Motief at the resteraunt was old maps of the area. I was looking over an old State map & my eyes wandered over to Clinton, Sterling & W. Boylston, but NO Resivor. It reminded me that not Everything man touches turns to crap! Then I thought about the two old-timers in the bait shop & how proud they were that 8 state fish records had come from those waters, waters that were not there 100+ years ago. And then thought about how many hundreds-of-thousands of fish are in those waters.

Juro & Terry, thanks for the Trout-101 class. Dom good to meet you & great tip on the Orvis Outlet. Nate good to see you (Kinda) again. Well to spite my own Ignorance I think I learned a thing or two about FWFF. One of the biggest lessons was that there are some great spots right in our own back yards.

BTW: Great "Breckies" at that diner next to the bait shop!

11-12-2000, 10:15 PM
Most productive fly last year was a ...

Cardinal. Pink maribou streamer.

11-13-2000, 08:03 AM
The one salmon we saw caught.... cardinal. RIght on Sully!

11-13-2000, 08:23 AM
A very nice morning indeed. I've really been itching to reconnect with the trout fisherman I was years ago. We need to do more. Next year I will make an effort to turn away from the stripers (insert sound of gasping crowd) and do more of this...West Branch Penob., Ripogenous Dam Clave?(Rip Clave), Meredith N.H. etc. The Stilly is an interesting slice of Me. nearby. Juro, Grego, Nate- nice to fish with you once again.

Side note: When I got home I went to look for something in my vest- Then I remembered it was hanging on the coat rack in the diner -doooohhhh. I had to go all the way back. 50 miles each way! Stopped at the singing bridge and there were 6 new vehicles there.

Grego: I went out rte 2 to 110, and back all highway (190 to rt 2) It was the same exact mileage. Therefore the 60 mph highway is much more efficient. I figured if I'm going all the way out there I might as well make use of the trip.


11-13-2000, 08:29 AM
Terry -

OUCH! Oh well, at least it's a great area to visit.

BTW - I finally found my license last night while messing around in the garage.

Commute fishing... possibly tomorrow! (White's SPerry side)(

11-15-2000, 08:05 AM
When I returned to the diner by the Wachusset Res. to pick up my jacket that day I noticed a sign by the side of the road that said <b>"Reduced Salt Area"</b>
I had to laugh cause here we all were turning away from the long salt season to chase trout and landlock salmon.