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: Lil'l pleasure trip

05-18-2005, 08:29 AM
Tuesday afternoon, May 17th

Sean Mcdermott invited myself to a little recreational fun type fishing trip in upper Narragansett Bay aboard his new Jones Bros. 21. What a sweet machine. Nice motor.... so quite and fuel efficient. A pleasure to launch and load.

We left Greenwich Bay with a heading towards the upper bay in search for some larger bass.

The minute we turned the corner at Sally Rock we got hit with a cold blast that dropped the air temp ten degrees. The southeastern wind of 20 knots with the tide reseeding quickly turned the surface to three foot crests. We headed to more protected waters north of Prudence Island. Activity was very slow despite all the silversides presents. Hundreds of turns diving on bait, but today only 10 inch micros bass were driv'in them. Neither of us were really disappointed at what prevailed. Sunday was a banner day for both of us with larger fish. We had caught our share. Our only disappointment was we couldn't find larger bass today. We both smiles at the fact there were thousands of smaller bass around. Our thoughts of future generations of striped bass made us appreciate the experience even more. Hopefully they will be allowed to grow on their own and not caught in some net.

Fishing isn't about catching all the time. That's just one experience. Sharing times of friendships, exchanging ideas. learning more how to operate a boat makes any trip worthwhile. Numbers don't always count.

Thanks Sean for the experience.

05-18-2005, 08:52 AM

It was great to get out with you. You never know what you don't know until you fish with someone who really has it down. It was definitely snotty out and all we caught were a few dinks but I learned a lot about the bay and how to handle a boat in less than forgiving seas. Of course what Ray didn't say was that I almost landed him in the drink after he jumped up on the bow coming in and I decided we were coming into the dock a little hard and threw her into reverse. Ray didn't get back on the bow after that! I also learned that Dave's Marketplace has some of the best choclate chip cookies I have had in a while.

Thanks again Ray.