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05-14-2005, 11:19 PM
Good evening,
Got back a little while ago, Won't bore you with alot of words. Only to say there were hundreds there on a beautifull Saturday in May. Temps in the 70's, nice water, good food, and of course great friends! Just have a look at these pics, they tell the rest of the story. A BIG THANKS from me to all the people who put there heart and soul into making this a huge success!


05-14-2005, 11:27 PM


05-15-2005, 07:34 AM

Really great seeing you again brother.

BTW - Thanks for the very cool fishin' accessories, well thought out as only a fisherman could 'think out'. I hope we see/read more about them as you develop the product line.

It's hard to describe the experience that Mark Bachmann and his crew puts together... it's the woodstock of Spey casting/fishing. On the main plateau above the river valley is a broad lawn where a grass caster can let loose with the vendors keeping rods at close access at all times.

The Flyshop HQ is a bustling station of socializing and great food; the only thing that could compare with the homemade chili and dogs for lunch was the Loomis barbeque for dinner.

Just down the trail and in view from above is the actual riverside gravel bar, which extends for a long way providing a great location for presentations and practice on water.

As much as I have already learned from Simon Gawesworth, I listened in once again to his presentation and not surprisingly I learned an incredible amount. He's always keeping his material rich with fresh insights and there's always something to be learned from what he shares. He's the man.

Kush and I did a team CND presentation, and Sandi kept things under control at the booth. Brian Simonseth was there in his usual good spirits and lent our humble booth a much needed hand, thanks bro.

Great to put faces to the forum names, and meet some new folks. The social aspects are only overshadowed by the incredible spey buzz. Mike Kinney was spreading his unique Spey insights generously. Andy Murray from Hardy UK, smooth as silk as usual. George Cook from Sage was throwing a strong line today. John Kovich, Brian O'Keefe (one of the best singlehand casters I've ever met), Steve Rajeff (who is doing a monster cast demo Sunday), Scott O'Donnell (Brockton boy gone steelhead bum), Brian Silvey (local guru), we expect Steve Choate, Ed Ward sightings Sunday as well. So much in-depth information on spey all in one woodstock setting complete with Speybum (Aaron Reimer) sharing some kinda spey punch in paper cups ;)

Dana Sturn, our former partner in site shenaningans (now runs with Sean Ransom) witnessed Simon's testing of TCHI (FFF) instructors Leroy Teeple and Dwight Klemin who passed successfully. Congrats guys, welcome to the brotherhood as they say.

You've earned it!

05-15-2005, 04:01 PM
Here's 2 more pics I missed in the fray last eve. Juro, it was awesome my friend! I'll see you in Sept. for "Da Stripe-ahs" bro!