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: Attempts to restrict access seem the main objective for Quitnessett Assoc.

05-12-2005, 06:22 PM
Todays Chonicle.........................

An attempt to amend the South Coastal Harbor Management Plan,
a revised and expanded version of the previously approved
Stage Harbor Management Plan, was turned back by voters. Dr.
Sanford Ross, vice president of the Quitnessett Association,
a neighborhood association of Morris Island property owners,
sought to remove references to a public historic right of way
over Quitnessett Association land from the Morris Island Road
to the water. The path is across private, Land Court
registered property and there is no evidence the public has
ever had rights over it, he asserted.

The plan merely states that officials should
investigate if there is an historic public right of way
there, responded Director of Coastal Resources Ted Keon.
While there is “some level of confidence” that a public right
of way once existed, the language is simply a recommendation
that the issue be clarified.

“If we have no rights, we have no rights. This in
no way will change the legal” status of the property, he

Roth also objected to a subsequent paragraph in
the plan which suggests the town investigate acquisition of
the Quitnessett land. The association is not interested in
selling, he said. Keon said the plan is a “visionary
document” and the section was meant to keep the possibility
open for the future. “This is in no way a mandate to pursue
this,” he said.

Both of Roth’s amendments were defeated. Voters
then unanimously endorsed the plan, which is contingent on
subsequent approval by the secretary of the Office of
Environmental Affairs.

from the Cape Cod Chronicle

05-12-2005, 07:22 PM
Thanks Juro for the info... we need to remain vigilant....No sweat.... The government has an easement to that right of way... and if push came to shove and the public were to be..for some bizarre reason prevented from using the refuge..the Goverment can and probably would take the land by e. domain.... pay them the fair market value you think for one moment that anyone will impied or eliminate access to the Refuge...I think not.