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05-07-2005, 06:09 PM
I was able to get out a couple of nights this past week. The fishing has been pretty good here in Stamford. :) I was able to trek down to Holly Pond on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for a couple of hours. 10-12 fish each night. The largest to about 22 inches. Most around 15-18 inches. Nothing to write home about. That's why I'm writing it here. :wink: Good tides the next few nights for the pond.

I'm also hearing good things about the Mill Pond in Westport and the Audubon Center in Stratford.

05-07-2005, 06:31 PM
Hello Jimmy:

That sounds a lot more encouraging than my experience. I had some busines in Redding Ct and Westport CTon Thursday so I brought my long rod. I stayed over in Norwalk and went to Sherwood Island State Park on Friday morinng. Fished along the beach heading south toward the high rock escarpment. Didn't see a fish. then I fished the tidal creek on the east/north end... nothing. went to Hammonasset State Park (i live in Massachusetts) from there and fished the outgoing along the West Beach for 30 minutes...nothing there. then I went to the jetty on the East Beach. It looked great with the rip forming at the end of the jetty. fished the outgoing into the rip...nada. Also fished both sides of the jetty on the way out to the tip. Then I went to to Watch Hill and fished Napatree Beach all the way out to the little sand bar/rip that forms on the outgoing. Nothing again. Hiking back to the car against a stiff east wind was brutal. I got good exercize but did not see a fish. It was still great to get out. I had never fished any of these places before but I felt like all the fish were already in Chatham. Today I went to the Millers River and caught a bunch of trout. I feel better. soon I will be heading out to the Cape to catch the striped ones.

Frank :smile:

05-07-2005, 07:02 PM
Frank, your problem is pretty obvious. All the places you mentioned were open ocean beaches. If you check out the recent post all the places you hear mentioned are ponds, creeks, coves, small bays. It's too early for the open ocean, think estuaries.

05-07-2005, 07:50 PM
Thanks Slinger!

05-07-2005, 10:56 PM
My experience is that the fish move in very concentrated pods during this migratory time taking pit stops in inlets, creeks, estuaries, etc. They are really active and gullible in these rest areas but they aren't prone to stay in a spot very long, as soon as they get the signal they move onward relentlessly up the coast.

These fish that are holed up will typically make their move with the next tide, thus the hit or miss nature of most spring fisheries until larger numbers invade.

One such spot on the Cape I have fished since I was a teen is a real kick this time of year (late April thru mid-May). One day you find a horde of twinkies, the next it's chock full of keepers, and the third day it's a fishless void - in the same three day weekend. There is a lot of turnover in spots this time of year.

The migratory fish are not frolicking in the wash looking for food but the casts required are quite precise as the guys at the spring clave found out after I spilled the beans on the passing pods last year. Taking blind casts at such fish are best done while they are holed up in warmer, typically dark bottomed hideaways as opposed to the open areas unless you have plenty of ambient light.

It's quite easy to cast all day while hundreds of fish pass and not hit a fish while someone next to you who is placing casts properly lands a few dozen.

In any case, it's great to hear that the fish are on the move and making landfall in various spots along the way to my home waters :D