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: WTB-pontoon boat

Todd Ripley
05-04-2005, 11:14 AM
OK, guys, here's the deal...

I'm in the market for a pontoon boat, and here are the general specs I am looking for:

1. ten to twelve feet long
2. two seat frame, or easily converted into a two seater
3. whitewater rated...and while I am not wedded to getting a Skookum Steelheader, or an XStream pontoon, those are examples of the type of product I am looking for
4. I'd like it to have both front and rear seat casting platforms, but most can be easily converted to that with the installation of a front floor
5. Here's the biggest kicker...the "boss" has only OK'd around a $1000 for my pontoon boat budget.

The new ones, which I really like, run anywhere from $1600 to $2500 for the stuff I'm looking for, and the "boss" has specifically shot down my attempt to up my budget that far!

Anyone have any used boats for sale, or have any leads for me to try out? I've hit up most of the companies I can find, and the few that deal in used boats haven't been able to keep a boat like the one I am looking for around, as they sell pretty quickly, so they don't have any.

Thanks for any help!

Fish on...