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: gps and fishing

05-04-2005, 10:58 AM
2 summers ago i purchased a garmin etrex legend GPS along with a mapsource program for all of canada. I have to say that it has been one of the best 300$ i have ever spent. I have always injoyed fishing for brookies and have always tried to find them areas where everybody else was too lazy to get too and where i knew i would most likely be the only rod on that stretch of water. I guess most are just too lazy for some hicking through the bush. :hihi: At home i have spent countless hrs searching my mapsource program on my pc for streams and brooks to try. Well last spring it payed off big time when i was able to find 2 great brook trout areas that get little to no fishing pressure. One area is fly fishing only and the other is spin or fly in case i am going with a buddy that does not fly fish. I just thought i would share that bit of info and maybe by purchasing a gps yourself you can help up your chances of catching fish if u are like me and dont mind the extra effort to get too such a place. I guess in our area its so hard to find a great fishing area that produces numbers each time you go out, maybe not so in other areas.