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: Dean River Bid to Help Skeena

05-02-2005, 10:34 AM

Please pass this on to anyone you think would be interested in bidding on the trip. This is going to screw up steelheading as we know it. If you can think of anyone, please pass this on.

We are currently soliciting bids on two trips to the Dean River August 12-17, 2005 to help raise funds for Friends of Wild Salmon. Friends of Wild Salmon is a non-profit group that is doing a tremendous job of organizing the effort here in B.C. to stop the proposed fish farms at the mouth of the Skeena River. This is certainly one of the greatest threats that the wild runs of steelhead and salmon of Skeena River system has ever faced.

There is no question that fish farms are a bad thing for the B.C. coast. It is hard to imagine after the disasters elsewhere in the world with open pen aquaculture near wild salmon rivers that anyone would consider the placement of fish farms at the mouth of the single greatest wild salmon and steelhead system on the planet, but it is happening. Two farm sites have already been approved.

Further South in B.C., fish farms in the Broughton Archipelago have caused a total collapse of pink runs in recent years. Last year they predicted 3 million pinks to return to the rivers in the Broughton area. In the end, less than 5% of their escpapement returned to the rivers. This year scientists are predicting that many of the pink runs will not return at all.

Now consider the rivers, wild salmon, steelhead and wildlife that will be affected by these proposed farms sites. Tributaries of the Nass and Skeena for starters...Babine, Kispiox, Bulkley, Copper, Kalum, Bell Irving, Morice, Sustut...the list is long and includes all of the rivers you love to fish or want to fish.

This is a threat that everyone with a love for wild salmon and steelhead needs to take seriously and get involved before it's too late. May 7 there is a Friends of the Wild Salmon summit in Terrace, British Columbia. At the summit, we would like to present the organization with a check from the individuals with the highest bids for each of the two trips.
I know it is short notice, a week away, but we felt like we might be able to find a donor interested in helping us raise funds for the cause...not to mention enjoy five days of the best that the Dean has to offer. Minimum bid is $5000 per trip. This is absolutely prime time on the Dean River. Visit our website for more information on the lodge and river(

Bids will be received by email: Bids must be in by Friday May 6, 2005.

All funds raised over cost will be donated to Friends of Wild Salmon. Please see the map below of the proposed farm sites. It is on the Friends of Wild Salmon website. Whether you are interested in bidding or not, visit their website and consider donating. This is one cause that needs your help as a fisherman.

If the Dean trip does not fit your schedule this year or you are not able to do it this summer, we would be happy to offer the spots for 2006 instead. We really appreciate your considering a bid.

Please pass this on to any of your friends that you think might be interested. Thanks for the help.


Billy and Mandi Blewett, Jeff Vermillion, Lower Dean River Lodge

Proposed Open Net Fish Farm Sites on the North Coast, from Friends of Wild Salmon website