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: Rhody IceBreaker UnPlugged

04-23-2005, 04:32 PM
The IceBreaker went off without a hitch, no thanks to mother nature and some inclement weather. Strong winds and rain didn't dampen the spirits of three IceBreaker vetererns and one newbe angler. Attendance was down expectantly with bad weather conditions and fish showing in a few other regions. But listen, This is not some good weather, hold you hands singing event. This is hardcore industrialized raw spring fishing. Sure we could have layed on the sofa this afternoon, but for some of us, keeping our record of attendance alive meant more to our pride. Call us a bunch of crazies if you may, but we still eat at Wendy's regardless what others do.

All toll six bass were caught in a three hour period. I started off the season in great form. First cast... and pay dirt. Slinger with his sweet DNA Clousers was top hook with three bright stripers. Ron Lomas was able to land one striper sandwiched between Slinger and I. New found friend and first timer, Christopher Puma hooked into one striper, fought the fish and had 'em close, with a quick release. As always with good ribbing, we could not officially count the bass due to the touch rule. Simpley stated, one's first fish ever in the IceBreaker has to be touched by a finger. Chilli doesn't count.

We thank the soles who showed. Those who wanted to come, but couldn't, who were there in spirit cheering us on. The seasons off and running now for few of us. Wishing you the best of fishing ahead. Maybe next year we can hook - up again to start the season. From all of us at the IceBreaker..... Thanks.

PS ... Sorry we have no pics. Too wet for the cameras.

04-25-2005, 02:45 PM
...here on the PharSide (of the canal)...
Sea Gull Beach in Yarmouth...perfect FF weather...

WayToGo Ray!
You IceBreakers set the bar pretty high!