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04-20-2005, 11:17 AM
I was curious what rod lengths and rod weights this group uses most. If you could also identitify where you fish as well as there are differences in the GL Tribs.

For me, I fish a 13' 8/9, 11' 7 and 9 1/2' 8 wt single hander. I fish mainly in WI (Sheboygan & Oconto Rivers) with a one trip a run to a MI trib. I don't have a enough long rods to vary them between the seasons - yet.

I am curious how much our rod choices vary or are the same.

David Dornblaser

04-20-2005, 04:47 PM

I like long rods and make no secret of that. I use a 13' 8/9 in summer low water on smaller rivers, a 15' 10wt on medium to large rivers in summer/fall, a 16' 11 wt on medium to large rivers in higher flows in early summer, fall, and a large portion of the winter, and have been using an 18'er this winter. The only single hand rod I use for pacific salmon or steelhead is an 11' 8/9, which I use for coho (only because they love to chase a stripped fly) and on small rivers/large creeks in winter.

04-20-2005, 05:21 PM
7/8 - 11'6"
8/9 - 12'4"
9 - 13'6"
10 - 14'6"
10/12 - 16'

and have spots to use 'em all

04-20-2005, 05:56 PM
I like 13 foot 7 weights because on my home water I could fish most of the year with just one (my Meiser 13' 5/6/7) rod, and a 13/7 would cover most everything but salmon. It is a very comfortable length and weight for me.

However, I also have:
11'6" 7wt
13' 8 wt
13'8" 9 wt
15' 7/8 wt
11' 11 wt

in addition I'm picking up a new Meiser 12'6" 4/5/6 wt on Sunday, and am ordering a Burkheimer 13'3" 7wt just because it's so different from the 13' 7 I already have and I love it.

Oh yeah, there's a handful of single handers, graphite and bamboo, that see the light of day on occasional trips into the Sierra Nevada's for trout.

Jamey McLeod
04-20-2005, 08:28 PM
I have a pile of sticks sitting here in the corner. After the past weekend I realize I probably won't use anything but my LGL9116 on all waters for the time being, (meaning at some time or another I will find a reason to buy more sticks :) ). Short enough for stuff like the White, Rogue, PM. Powerful enough to bang out 80ft or so on the big water Mo, Grand, etc, with a cockerspanial sized fly. 8/9 Skagit +cheaters, and different lengths of T-14, or a Rio floating 9wt tip and it covers all depths. I do have an 11ft7wt T&T that I will probably use in the winter on small streams. I recently doctored a 12/13 mastery to create a little bit of a kinder, gentler "skagit"style head for use on the 9116LGL. Body 35ft, 490grains, add in 10ft of T14 and....well its heavy, but lighter and 8ft longer than the 8/9 Skagit. Falls in between the 7/8 and 8/9 Rio.

I also only have one fishless day on the water out of five with the Loop swinging flies. So I kind of think it has a bit of luck rolled into the graphite.

04-21-2005, 05:36 AM
I am new to using the spey rod for steelhead. For the Past four days I have been using T&T's 12' 8 wt and I found that to be a good size for around my western new york waters. I would like to find out how a 13' 8wt would fish around here I think that would be a great rod. For single handers I moslty use 10 foot rods for smaller tributaries and a 9'6 for bass. I think that anything over 13 may be to long for around here. It all depends on the waters that you fish. Hopefully my casting will improve over the years of using the two hander, but for right now i'll be happy not to wrap a bunch-o-line around my head. LoL :cool:

04-21-2005, 09:30 PM
I am using a Meiser 13' 6/7 for most situations
Heavy flows and bigger flies I go with a 1409 flylogic
Low clear winter I go with a 1307 flylogic

I test casted many rods at the Mo clave.
I really liked the Scott LS2 14' 8wt, the MS7/8 really felt good with this rod. I think I will eventually own this one.
if I didn't like stripping line, I would seriously investigate the 13' 8wt angel Andy Murray had set-up with a hardy shooting head. My loops were really tight and the line flew out effortlessly.