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: More Hudson River Reports 4/19

04-20-2005, 08:54 AM
Got on the water at 6pm. Alot of debris in the water. Slow going, had to fix the transducer 3 times due to sticks and logs kicking it up. Hit my usual location realized that the tide was not in my favor ( almost dead high ). Went into search mode and trolled light tackle to find a few. Thats how we find fish around my parts. Instead of blind casting in unproductive areas I troll in 5-8ft of water using Storm Jigs or Yo-Zuri's until I get a taker. After 40 minutes of fruitless effort I finally got smacked. Yeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaw. The fish nearly ripped the rod from my hand when he struck. My little Penn was screaming! I thought I had a monster. After 5 minutes I landed a nice fish weighing 8lbs on the Boga. Not as big as its fight thats for sure.

So ... I string up the fly rod... tie up a new leader and then reach for my fly box. WHAT??? NO FLY BOX??!!!!! Damnit I left it in the car!!! :mad: Would have been a perfect night as the water was like glass. Stuck with the spin gear. I enjoy light spin though, it has its plus side.

Now I have a few boats following me around. I guess they see my Maritime and fancy Sonar / GPS and think I must know where they are. After a few minutes blind casting I start to notice Im getting alot of follows by some impressive fish ( 15lb+) but no takers. I fill in the guys following me to keep casting, change colors, change retrieves.. something should give soon. I motored off about 300ft and got another fish, small about 3lbs. Now I look like a boat magnet. 5 Boats all around me. Realizing that slack tide was upon us I made a bee-line back to the dock. I would have stayed but getting followed was kinda getting old in a hurry.

On a side note I have been seeing alot of sporadic bird activity wich is quite abnormal. Usually we dont see the Gulls diving like you do in Saltier environments. Seems to be allot more concentrated bait than normal as well.

Ill be out again tonight.

To be continued.............

Jim Miller
04-20-2005, 10:37 AM