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: need help for a backrest...

04-19-2005, 11:35 AM
i'm new here and would like your help to choose a backrest, i use my kayak mostly for fisfing, i recently discover sts backrest and would really like to buy one to hold my poor back. here in France i can't try them before to make my choice, that's why i would like you to help me.
i'm 1m70 tall and 65 kg ( perhaps it is important) i would like a tall sts backrest or a gts one, because i 'm fishing for hours and i wonder if it is possible to relax in this backrest in a tilting ( inclined?)position.
i'm not tall enough for one of this backrest?
Do you think i should choose another one?
Do you know where i can order one online?
Thank you for answering,