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: Newaygo Clave

04-18-2005, 09:08 AM
Something went wrong, somebody dialed the wrong weather man, somebody forgot their rain dance as we we had perfectly sunny weather -- don't know how that happend but we'll take it. Even the boat parade was very manageable given that it's a boat access point.

A tip of the hat to the organizers and manufacturer's reps who showed up to make the clave a success.

Tony put on quite the Underhand shooting head demo that included useful tips on how to get fullsink shooting heads out of the water and back fishing. That demo (plus the fish he caught on them) should put fullsink shooting heads on the menu for some of us (me included).

I understand that Neil did a Skagit thing but I was busy fishing the Manistee (thanks Mark) so I missed it -- just as well perhaps as he doesn't like heckling . . . . :chuckle: