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04-17-2005, 11:59 PM
Fish Storys
They come easy
The countless drives
Cups of luke warm java

Tales from turbulent emersion
Browns pulled
From under logs
Rainbows captured
In Gin clear stillwater

Righteous mornings, Heavenly sunrises
So much action
You knew there had to be
a Higher Power!

Cold and shivering evenings
When the Devil himself
You swear
Made it rain so hard
As to render the streams

The Fish Storys
That roll from your tounge
Whenever someone asks
"So, you Flyfish?"

What we experience
The fruit of our love
Becomes manifest
As we reach under the belly

And the thrashing
But for a moment
And we find ourselves smiling
over and over
A thumbs up downstream
From someone you
Don't even know

The rush of emotion
Understanding why you do this
A silent scream
Wells up inside

As another
Fish Story
Slides from your hand

Two lives connected
Worlds apart
You transfer that scream
Into another cast

The alluring light slants
From the west
The next hatch bursts forth
Neon Nature in flight

Cast ends
The fly skips on the surface
Attention drawn
Hunt, and Hunter
Time without end

Between here and forever
Are the Fish Storys
From Macidonia to Middle America
Brought to Life
Like campfire embers
Branded on the flanks