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04-13-2005, 08:03 PM
Take 2 minutes and let them know this is a prime salmon and steelhead river in Washington

Protect the Skykomish River!

Take action today to save the Skykomish River! The health of the Skykomish
River and the well-being of the river valley residents hang in the balance.
Unless the Snohomish County Council plans responsibly for growth, runaway development will foul the riverís water and overtake working farms and forests with pavement and traffic. You can help by urging the Council to create a plan that protects the properties and rural lifestyles of watershed residents, and ensures that the river and its salmon and steelhead will be healthy for generations to come. Send your comments to the Snohomish County Council today!

Without a strong blueprint to manage growth, poorly planned development will replace fields and forests with pavement leading to more flooding, and more polluted stormwater running off into the Skykomish and its tributaries. This run-off, carrying pesticides, fertilizers, metals, automotive chemicals, trash, and other pollutants, poses a serious threat to the Skykomishís salmon, steelhead and char. Luckily, there are ways to manage development that allow the county to grow and prosper, while also protecting clean water and the riverís health.

Act now! The Snohomish County Council is currently drafting its broad vision for managing future development. Now is your chance to urge the Council to create a thoughtful, long-term plan that protects clean water and property, as well as the values and lifestyles of Skykomish valley residents. Send your letter today.

Conservation partners: Pilchuck Audubon Society; Wild Steelhead Coalition


To read the full Most Endangered Rivers report of 2005, please visit the American Rivers website.

Questions or Comments? Contact Amy Souers Kober, American Rivers, at (203) 213-0330 or

04-14-2005, 07:12 AM
Thanks Rich -

Members of the Forum:

There is absolutely no reason why we should not ALL take a moment to click on the links which automatically sends a message to with only a click or two:

Mr. Aaron Reardon, Snohomish County Council
Mr. Kirke Sievers, Snohomish County Council
Mr. Jeff Sax, Snohomish County Council
Mr. Dave Gossett, Snohomish County Council
Mr. John Koster, Snohomish County Council
Mr. Gary Nelson, Snohomish County Council

Just personalize the provided letter a bit and be heard.

I don't want to resort to this too often but I would like you to think about what I, Sean thru recent times and many, many others who have volunteered their time and passion into providing this free resource, the Worldwide Flyfishing Forum.

Then consider the time, effort and passion that has gone into the Wild Steelhead Coalition, American Rivers, and the legacy of time that the Skykomish River represents to our sport.

What would all of this sweat equity mean if we could not effect some change with it? Not a hill of beans I say.

Please do take a moment and exercise your clout as a flyfisherman, do it for us, do it for yourself and do it for the wild steelhead of the great Skykomish River - and do it now please.

Thank you

04-18-2005, 10:09 AM
There are laws on the books to make sure growth is well planed out but there is no teeth in the laws on a state and federal level. Developers know this and will do what it takes to make sure they can go about business as usual. I do not know what all the members of the Snohomish county council do for work but I can guess they are pro developement or a majority are. I know there are many in that county who want strong growth laws, some have run for office but seems like they never win or loose on the their second term. So much money is put into the canidates that are pro developement. Those canidates run a high profile campain and win constantly in all our counties. If we are really going to stop it we need to get canidates that are not anti-growth but are for responsible growth and who will make sure developers follow the letter of the law.

Anyone have any ideas how to start a grass roots organization within all these run a way counties to make sure growth is done right and to make sure the laws on the books are enforced?

Just getting back from Wyoming and Montana I was amazed at all the grass roots organizations where farmers and ranchers are saying they have had enough of over developement. These are very conservative people who once supported all kinds of developement and the right to do what ever they wanted with their land but now believe that they were wrong or tricked into thinking it was a good thing. These old timers are really on the war path and the political climate seems to be changing out there when it comes to any type of big developement. This includes sub dividing farm and ranch land for homes, Gas and oil developements on private lands and public lands.

Maybe it just takes time for people to get fed up with over developement. Hopefully the regular people in Snohomish County will say enough is enough already.

Hey Sinktip lives in that county! Let's raise a bunch of money and run him for a seat on the County Commission.