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: PA report

04-11-2005, 09:04 AM
Drove down to PA to fish Spring Creek this weekend. It had been unfishable for a couple of weeks due to flooding. Water was still a little high and had some color but definitely fishable.

Caught the BWOs on saturday and had some fun fishing dries. There were a ton of people out due to the nice weather. Saw the first caddis of the year but the fish were not responding to the adults. It was a decent day but never really felt like I was in the zone.

Yesterday was much less crowded. Beautiful weather and had first shot at some of the prime runs and riffles. Brought a few large wild browns to hand on a CDC loopwing BWO emerger. Worked my way downstream picking fish out from behind rocks and deadfall here and there. Finally made my way to a wide shallow riffle that had 5 pairs of suckers spawning. Well there were a massive number of trout behind them picking up the spawn and I happened to have the right fly. Good times for the next hour or 2 till I walked back to the car laughing.

Hoping to get in one more trip before the BASS are BACK.