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: Open Public Meeting Reminder

04-04-2005, 06:33 PM
The open public meetings are tomorrow in Chatham re the refuge CCP process.
According to Bill Perry at our last scoping meeting, the last itme the CCP was done, the gym was filled!!!! They will be breaking up the attendees in groups, please make sure that we have plenty of representation....hopefully enough of us to achieve one fisherman in each group. These groups will give feedback on issues as well as potential solutions to issues is an important process...and an opportunity that we are heard, an opportunity to develop rational alternatives to problems and be seen as a vested group and equally opportunity to be supportive of our trusted "shuttle captain and friend! I do not believe that we can take the chance of leaving the "solutions" solely in the hands of others.
Schedule is on the first thread "sticky' of this site (Penquin's post).

04-05-2005, 10:27 AM
I will not be able to make this since I have certain priorities here at home for the time being, I would hope that anyone who can take the time plan on attending . Keith has sent me an encouraging message about a majority of the Morris Island residents and their positive responses to the purpose of the refuge...but... we need some "vocal" members who can speak to the crowd to articulate the fisherman's position...since Perry intends to break the groups up, we should have atleast 5 members at each meeting. If the groups break down in more than 5, get Perry's permission to have some of the 5 move to the other unrepresented groups to lay down our position.... I know some of you who live on the Cape can make these meetings ,so please try. I would expect that we will submit a paper after to Perry as our official position which we can draft after the meetings.... who can be there ? thanks

PS...Be sure to join forces with any other members from the other forums to be sure the groups have fishermen included....Jeff Smith et al and others from FFSW and Ray and Shawn frrom RT will probably be there so be sure to make contact.

04-05-2005, 04:58 PM
The Eldredge Library conference room was stuffed like a Cornish game hen...
After the initial introductions and formalities had concluded, four groups broke off to discuss their issues and ask their questions...
The shell fish community was well represented by concerned local diggers...
After the allotted time, each group Moderator presented a Cliff Notes version and comments/questions were taken from the phloor...
No fights...No riots...and No tear gas was actually discharged (on purpose)...
Compiled information will be taken back to HQ by Bill Perry and the process will head off into the dark, shark and shoal infested waters...

As long as I was there...the New/Revised Elbowtown Beach...

04-06-2005, 08:04 AM

I attended the 11AM meeting in Chatham. Keith (Rip Ryder) was there as well as two of the guides from Fishing the Cape (Jeff and George). There may have been other fisherman there , besides Penguin, that I didn't see or didn't know.

We did get the ferry,parking and 24 hour access issues on the table. The guides also raised the issue of whether thier activities would be considered as commercial and if so how it would impact thier use of the Refuge including the surounding flats. Every one in each of the four groups had two minutes to speak to their group and after everyone had their say there were additional discussions to clarify the issues.

Bill Perry noted that additional written comments may be submitted. Those written comments must be in by April 22. Bill also indicated that when they finished summarising the input from the meetings and the written comments we will receive a copy and have an opportunity to comment on that document


04-06-2005, 09:12 AM
Dan.................your post was very helpful, nice to know what the actual structure of the meeting is!! it will help the rest of us prepare for the Sudbury meetings.
PS: will report back after the Sudbury meetings

Rip Ryder
04-06-2005, 11:12 AM
I attended both sessions to cover my back.
In the early session there was not to much brought up about the ferry issue by the neighbors. I saw one of the evil empire in the morning and she brought up the ferry, parking on the causeway and public access to Morris Island.
I countered her in my group and listed the positives of the ferry, the town surveying the parking and finding no problem and the public access issue was hammered home by myself and another fisherman. Clamming is taking the center stage here at the Cape meetings.

In the evening session there seemed to be more people talking about recreational use of the refuge and the impacts. Again I only saw one negative neighbor and was glad to see a number of the positive neighbors attending that evening. I did not see any negative comments on the Ferry or the access during the evening session. The issue of access to Morris Island was hammered hard again by the fisherman and even some recreational clammers.

I think those of you attending in Sudbury are going to ge the heavy hit on the access and ferry by the second, third and fourth :razz: home owners from off Cape. Clamming is not going to take center stage there, unless the Wilderness people show up in big numbers. The off cape army of flyfisherman will have to take the front lines on access and keeping a ferry at the refuge headquaters. I am going to try and attend also.

If you can't attend but what to be heard, please either email or send a letter by April 22. I have listed the information below.

Bill Perry, Refuge Planner
Eastern Massachusetts NWR Complex
73 Weir Hill Road
Sudbury Ma. 01776