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: Nice Brookie Nate!

04-29-2000, 12:48 PM
Well Nate and I hit the Shawsheen this AM. Air temp was 32 deg, water not much better.
Water pretty cold and high. Beautiful run though. We got nada there, but what a spot. I could picture a Salmon or Steelie shooting up there from the Merrimack if only the dam dams weren't there.
Next we hit a small pond called Berry Pond in Harold Parker State Forest (No. Andover). Nate brought a kayak and circled the pond while I cast from shore. I had quite a few rises to aim at but couldn't interest them. Nate hooked up with a trout which turned out to be a greater then 12" brookie. Probably a holdover. Nice fish, saved us from PU.
Nice morning. Getting warmed up. Don't forget high tide Friday on Bass River mid afternoon.


04-29-2000, 09:38 PM
Very cool! Hey Nate - which yak did you go with? Is it a sit-on-top or a traditional?

I am still contemplating the choices for a flats vehicle for this season.

(I'm ready Terry!)

Nathan Smith
04-30-2000, 12:43 PM
I haven't bought one yet, I was just renting for the weekend. EMS has this deal that if you rent they will take the rental price off the cost of the Kayak. Anyway I was using the Perception American. It was perfect. For just small ponds it was alittle too much but I am looking for something I can go out to Mono. with. Everything else is either too small or too long and thin. I think I am going to get the American with a rudder.
13" Brookie was great, got him on a mickey finn. Terry showed me some great spots too. Thanks.