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03-30-2005, 08:19 AM
Anyone been to Ambergris Caye in June? I'm tring to see what to expect as far as mosquitoes and heat. Will it be oppressive? Also, if anyone has a good guide to recommend, I'd really appreciate it. If anyone is planning to be there in June, maybe we could split a charter. What are the hot flies? I'm tying #4-8 Gotchas, Charlies, Merkin's and clousers in several colors.

03-30-2005, 09:52 AM
I was there in Nov and it was very hot during the day. I imagine it's a bit warmer in June.

Mosquitoes: yes, around sunset. Bring lots of bug spray.

Flies: depends where you fish. We did best on sz 6-8 flies. If you are planning on wading the island it is almost 100% turtle grass flats so you will definitely want some flies without eyes and with weedguards.

Guides: most of the lodges can make reccomendations. We fished with Gilberto Acosta who was good.

The bottom is very soft around the waterline. If you are DIY look into renting a kayak that can get you past the soft stuff and onto the grass flats which are firm and good wading.

I would definitely bring a tarpon rod that time of year.

Good luck.

03-30-2005, 11:13 AM
I was there in June of last year. No squites because it is the very beginning of the windy season. The fishing is still great, but very challenging. The only flies you'll need are size 8 tan gotchas with bead chain and weighted eyes. The permit will take these gotchas too. I highly, highly recommend George Bradley as a guide, let me know if you would like his contact info.

Good luck, it's a very beautiful place :smokin:


03-30-2005, 11:38 AM
Thanks for the info. I've got access to a kayak, and will stay at White Sands Cove, which is next to El Pescador. How are the DIY opportunities? Can you paddle straight out to flats, and get on fish? I know a guide is the best bet, and plan to line them up for a couple of days, but I really like to fish on my own ability.
Dave 17, where in Philly are you? I grew up in Downingtown.

03-30-2005, 12:46 PM
There is plenty of DIY fishing around El Pescador. The problem is that area gets very busy with boats in the daytime. We saw lots of tails early and late when there was less traffic.

The island becomes less populated as you go north past Journey's End and the other resorts. This is where we found the most fish (I think they do kayak rentals at Journey's end).

There are flats all the way from EP to rocky point. Some you can walk right out onto but most of them are very soft until you get 50 yards off the beach. If I go back I will definitely look into a yak or at least some snowshoes :D

Book a guide so you can fish some of the big white-bottom flats like Savannah.

03-30-2005, 01:19 PM
That's awesome about the DIY! I fully plan to do early AM ventures, and spend time with my wife during the day...except the days I'm with a guide. Savannah flats is on the western side of Ambergris, right? I though it was a muddy flat frequented by tarpon. What are my chances to kayak to a sandy flat from the EP area?

03-30-2005, 01:49 PM
Most of the white-bottom flats were a good 40 min ride on the skiff.

You can always try the lagoon behind EP but you will need to get some info about areas to wade. Watch out for crocodiles :lildevl:

03-30-2005, 09:24 PM
I fished the southern end, no wadable flats there. Hundreds of tailers though.

FI - I was reloced by company to Philly, I'm living in the art museum area. I like the area but miss the northeast and the cape.

03-31-2005, 06:21 AM
How did the sandy flats compare to the grassy? More fish? Obviously easier sighting, but were they dominated by a particular specie? I'm going to be "Joe Questions" for a while if you haven't picked up on it. Thanks for all of the info. When you went to Savannah for tarpon, were you more or less abandoning hopes for bonefish? If you were to go back, what would be at the top of your list?

nevada caster
04-07-2005, 03:32 PM
On the ocean side, it is about 95% turtle grass, but fish are still easy to see because they tail a lot in it. The chop caused by the wind is more of a problem. If you get a guide/boat and go on the lagoon side, there is little grass because the last hurricane tore most of it out and so you can see a distance but so can they.
Re misquitos, they are always there but only a problem if there is no wind. Of course that is when it is easiest to see the fish. More common if it is raining.
Take a good variety of flies, and as someone said, if you want to DIY you must have weed guards. The water is shallow so heavy flies are not required...they just scare the fish

04-08-2005, 09:50 AM
Wish I was going... I was thinking you may want to buy some of those buzz off clothing. I have heard excellent things about. They last for 20 washings I do believe. Orvis, Ex Offico and LL bean have buzz off. The button down shirts w/ buzz off is pricey but i saw some plain light long t-shirts that were only like $30 which I thought was a much nicer deal. There better be a trip report about the fishing and the place you stay when you get back.

04-15-2005, 04:45 PM
Just got back from San Pedro, and I have to mirror one of the comments below: George Bradley is a fantastic guide. Knowledgible, friendly, patient, and he'll take you to the fish, with few if any other guides around - I could go on and on. I really enjoyed spending two days with him. He can be a little critical, if you're new to bonefishing like I am, but it's in a really constructive and positive way. He really works hard the whole day, gets you in just the right spot for the cast, and just wants you to catch more fish.

05-13-2005, 08:23 PM
Try Carlos Maryn. He's an older guide, but one of the best I've been with. He's one of the hardest working guides there and will put you on whatever fish you like. He may seem a little gruff to some Americans, but I'd much rather fish with him than any of the other guides I had there... whose names I can't even remember. Once you get into the bonefish there you can catch a ton, but if you want tailers you have to tell your guide. Be specific what you want.

As for DIY, I'd maybe try the tailers along the oceanside in the mornings or evenings and leave everything else to your guides. Like the others said, lightly weighted flies and weed guards. Cast close. Only problem on this side is the wind, which will typically be right in your face when casting from shore. Since you have to be so accurate for these tailers, this can make the fish out front tough... mainly because it's hard to get them to see your fly. Once you do, though, it's on.

Good luck and tight lines.

05-16-2005, 04:45 AM
Thanks again for all of the advice. I've got plenty of weedless, eyeless and weightless flies spun for the trip. Mostly gotcha's and charlies in tan, pink and white. I've booked Severo Guerrero for a day. I've heard nothing but good stuff about him. I heard a good bit about George Bradley, and of course, Nesto Gomez, but Severo sounds like a friendlier guide who really focuses on tarpon. I'm pretty confident (famous last words) that I can do a decent job on the bones with a kayak, and can do without a guide. From what I hear, if I can sight bass on Monomoy, and catch my share of them, bonefishing in Belize is a walk in the park. Again, I'll show you the hole in my foot where I just shot it.