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: Aruba/Bonaire Bonefish-July/Aug 05

03-30-2005, 08:09 AM
Greetings from Chicago.
Heading to Aruba for 5 days and then to Bonaire for 4 at the end of July, beginning of August for the honeymoon. Even if I forget everything else, I'll definitely have the fly rod packed (I'm going to test the bounds of marriage right off the bat!) I've enjoyed reading the accounts of peoples bone trips to Aruba/Bonaire and have started keeping a file that I'll print out and take with me on the trip. Anyone on the board going to be down there at that time?
My goal is to get out early mornings for a couple hours and then when beach lounging, have my rod rigged and scanning the shallows for signs of bones at which point I'll spring into action like a someone jumping out of a fox hole.

03-30-2005, 09:11 AM
Excellent. I fly fished in aruba on my honeymoon and it was awesome. I have been there 2x now and I love the island. Bones are there you gotta explore I did my best by the ship wreck North by malmok (SP?). Anyway get up EARLY walk the beach looking for tailing. As the sun gets up cont to walk the beach looking for tailing and sight fishing for a couple of hours. Then try and go to this cool spot I found it south of the shipwreak probably 200/300 ydish. And from the beach close to 200 yds out. Standing on the beach study how the waves come in. You'll see like a little inlet where the waves come in and crash to the left and right about around 200 yds out. The waves then go down and don't crash into they get to the beach area. The reason why the crash early is b/c there is a good size flat out with turtle grass on both sides and even though when your wading out there it gets around chest deep when you reach the flat it is only around your knees. I was only able to go out there one afternoon as the ocean was up and rough. And when I saw waves crash I'm talking huge waves by any means. The flat is really neat and I screwed up when I got there I only sight fished a little and started to blind cast. As soon as I started blind cast fishing I scared 2 big bones. At least in the 8 lb range. I have a feeling the bones frequent that flat. Hopefully the ocean will be more calm than when I was there this past Feb. I would have bead chain tan/gold charlies and gotchas from when your on the beach looking for tailing and lead eyes for when your out on that flat and deeper. Also I'd go up north by the light house where you can wade out and fish a popper w/ a steel leader there is some good :devil: size cudas there. Wish ya luck, wish I was still there...